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Continued Attacks To Destabilize Rivers State Will Not Break Our Will

It will rather unite us and make us stronger


Despite everything we have gone through and have endured since 1914 the people of today’s Rivers State will remain strong and united because we will refuse to be broken.

We are not a fearful people of Rivers State are loving and peaceful people, like other people we have our disagreements but we reuse to destroy ourselves and our state.

Strangers have found a few amongst us they use as willing tools but we who refuse to be used are in the majority and the strangers and willing tools are in the minority.

Nigeria was never amalgamated for Peace, Liberty, Equity, Justice and Truth.

Nigeria was amalgamated for Discontent, Slavery, Inequality, Injustice and Lies. The manifestation is at its clearest since 2015. Everything will come to its end in 2019.

2019 election is for the soul of Rivers States and only true lovers of Rivers State will deliver and protect her.

Nigeria as a Country is insecure, and will always be insecure till people who want and need Liberty, Equity and Justice get them.

Nigeria is not insecure because of politics, but because it was amalgamated to be insecure and remain insecure, only states who want to be secure will be secure and those states, people and region will provide their own security.

Nigeria was amalgamated to give advantage to one region and people over other sections and peoples.

The people given the advantage are in the minority but the rest of Nigeria what are the majority have been brain washed into believing that they are helpless and have accepted this brainwash of helplessness and weakness.

Decades ago from amongst the people today identified as Rivers and Bayelsa States and as the Niger Delta and the South South arose a young man and said no to the oppression, he waged a 12 days war, he lost he made his point just as his people before him did and he was killed eventually his name is Jasper Adaka Boro.

His ideology despite all odds lives on.

Then arose another man; he waged a war against the same oppression with his pen, along with his people, his kinsmen; they were murdered, their homes and land destroyed, women raped, their land polluted, their wealth carted away yet his ideology lives on.

At different times starting with the Colonial government of the British Empire our different Ethnic Nationalities have resisted injustice and will continue to resist injustice until we get the victory to hand over as an inheritance to our children’s children.

The present hatred and determination to destroy Rivers State by plan, desire and by extension the Niger Delta started when a new wave f agitation for Liberty, Equity and Justice for our resources, development, environment and our people.

In reaction thousands of our people were murdered, jailed, hunted and hounded, our communities burnt, women raped etc.

Within the space to be heard heroes began to emerge, the Okah Brothers Charles and Henry, Asari Dokubo, Tom Polo, and now a King of his people Ateke Tom and many others.

Yes Nigeria had to hear the voices of the Niger Delta Region. Oil out put was reduced to 700, 000 bpd Nigeria was broke and Amnesty was offered and accepted because the Vice President was a Niger Delta son, of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality by providence rather than by ambition.

By the same providence VP Goodluck Jonathan became acting President, Subsequently severing out his late Presidents tenure as par the constitution.

Goodluck was elected president in own right as a Nigerian there began the final and open on slaughter of hatred towards the Niger Delta people, particularly the Ijaws in the six Niger Delta states and as far away as South Africa where Henry Okah is in jail.

After the international and national gang up to remove President Goodluck Jonathan from the office of President succeeded in 2015 and when in his own words in page 76 of his recently released book “My Transition Hours” “Let the Country survive. Let democracy survive. My political ambition is not worth People being soaked in blood.”

By this action which he admittedly and no one is disputing it he in the words of Lord Tim Bell Jonathan bought honor at the cost of power.

Everyone wonders but no one is in doubt that if Jonathan did not make that call to congratulate Buhari even when the final results were not in, people indeed would have been soaked in blood, and dogs and baboons included.

It is amazing that instead of this government and the supporters of this government to hit the ground running to do the things it promised Nigerians and the world it would do this government went on a vengeance and hatred campaign and attacks on Jonathan, his kinsmen and women, supporters and friends.

People were accused of all sorts of crimes from stealing to looting in radio stations, Television studios, pages of newspapers without the due process of charging the accused to a competent court of law in or out of Nigeria. People were accused, judged and sentenced in he pages of newspapers, social media and internet.

By 2014 the attacks on Jonathan from his own people of Bayelsa, Rivers, actually some Niger Deltans were just following over themselves to be seen as enemies and haters of Jonathan too willing to pull him down.

I said at that time that this hate of Jonathan for daring to govern Nigeria will be the destruction of Nigeria. I was referring more to the future effects than the immediate.

Many people friends, relatives, aides, were either thrown in jail, hounded, terrorized, some felt it was better if they left.

This was where Minster of State for education Nyesom Wike now Gov Wike of Rivers state came in. Whatever his reasons were he was amongst the very few who stood with President Goodluck Jonathan till the very bitter end.

For daring to support, stand up for and with President Goodluck Jonathan Governor Wike inherited the enemies that President Jonathan ignored and it takes a great and strong man to ignore the weak people that hate him.

By aspiring for the governorship of Rivers State Instead of cowardly handing it over meekly to the haters of his state and his brother Jonathan they went after him.

Wike and the majority of Rivers stood our grounds, President Jonathan have allowed you to get your crooked ways by cheating his brother, but we will not hand over our state, the tiny allocation your throw at us and our rights.

No, Sir!

Therefore the decision is to hound Gov Wike and the people of Rivers State was set in motion at the elections of 2015, the rerun elections that followed, the attempt to kidnap judges, the withdrawal of his Security, the claims by Wike of plans to assassinate him, the threats to declare a state of emergency in Rivers State, the various threats of EFCC against Wike and the threat now that by hook or crook that APC will win election in Rivers State, to use the language favored by their stalwarts “We will take Rivers State in 2019” it is a fact that you can’t win elections or rig elections where you are not popular.

It will be unfair to be silent on the conviction that the Federal Government and their foot soldiers have sold the impression that Rivers State is violent and plans to use this lies and propaganda to declare a state of emergency to enable INEC and the Federal Government stagger the election of 2019to exclude Rivers State and Akwa Ibom and come back at a later to conduct the elections on a later date to allow them do what in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States what they did in Enugu, Ekiti, and Osun as the Federal Government knows very well that they will never win the Niger Delta states in elections coming up for 2019 if the elections are free, fair and credible.

In these economically tough, rough and unbearable days of this government that have lost millions of jobs of Nigerians, particularly the teeming youths of Nigeria and specifically of the Niger Delta it is foolish, confrontational, and wicked to deny youths of Rivers State a source of employment.

The Nigeria army and the Federal Government are unable and incapable and have no, desire to provide thousands and thousands of Jobs for youths of Rivers State.

It is shameful that an army that can’t engage, contain and destroy the Boko Haram they Claim to have depleted and technically defeated will invade a training camp for newly employed Rivers State youths.

The army can’t go into Sambisa forest and destroy a Boko Haram that have killed Nigerians and Christians in the North East, but will come and dance with pythons in the South East and smile or cry with crocodile.


Hisbah Corps Was established by Kano State government in 2003. HISBAH in Arabic means an act performed for the good of society. Hisbah functions under a board composed of government officials, secular police, and religious, highly decentralized to local units. As of 2010 9,000 male and female officers are employed by Hisbah corps.


The administration of Brig Buba Marwa the Military administrator of Lagos State established the Neighbourhood Safety Agency in Lagos State on the 20th of Oct 1996 by edict Number 12 and published in the official gazette No 34, vol. 29 of 29th Oct 1996.

The two past governors of Lagos State between 1999-2015 Asiwaju Tinubu and Mr. Babatunde Fashola contributed immensely to the development of the Neighborhood security outfit by providing infrastructure as constructing 33 posts, 33 repeater and base stations, patrol vehicles, Defence gadgets, and training both local and international.

Enugu, Edo, Zamfara, Kwara States, etc. have one form of Corp for their state it is not a secret. Rivers State have been recruiting youths of Rivers State, it is a lie if the army says it is unaware of the recruitment, and training ground.

The Rivers State Neighborhood Safety Corps Agency was created by an act of parliament, it states clearly that its aim is to compliment agencies and police with local information gathering.

Department of State Services [DSS] and Nigeria Civil Defence are represented in the board.

In America the army exists to serve the American people, to defend the American nation; what does the Nigerian Army exist for?

The Nigerian Army even during a democratic dispensation is highly involved in one sided politics.

The President need to remind the Army that the enemies of Nigeria and the Army are in the forest of Sambisa forest from where they come and go freely and attack both the military and the people.

The invasion of the training camp of Rivers State government in Nonwa in Tai LGA by the Nigeria Army, is unprovoked and illegal. The neighborhood Watch Corps is a legally established body. The invasion is unprovoked and illegal.

This action is poised to work against the security of Rivers State, a plan and a trap to project Rivers State as a violent and insecure state as we draw closer to the 2019 elections.

If other states have one security outfit or another to suit their own peculiar states denying Rivers state this right leaves Rivers people with only one conclusion that though the State contributes most highly to the funding of Nigeria with her natural resources (though forcefully) Rivers States is maltreated and regarded with disdain, which leads to the following questions

Is Rivers State equal partners in the amalgamated project of Nigeria?

Rivers State is too critical and important to Nigeria’s economy and too central to the peace and stability of the Niger Delta to be treated as second class citizens.

We therefore advice that the Rivers State Government and the violently dispersed employees explore the possibility of taking out an injunction against the army, and for wages lost, and for abuse of their basic right to employment and freedom of gathering.

Annkio Briggs writes from Port Harcourt. She is the Convener of Niger Delta Self Determination Movement [NDSDM]. She is a well-known rights, political and development activist. She lives and works in the capital city of her State, Rivers State. Her passion for Liberty, Equity and Justice is legendary. She is known for telling truth to Power and her people, she is a national and international voice of her people, and environment.

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