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Continued detention of Empero Gabriel Ogbonna: Ikpeazu nears doomsday

By Charles Ogbu


If Empero Gabriel Ogbonna is not released within this week, the govt of Abia state will not know what hit them. This thing will be like some sort of Armageddon and it will take a life of its own such that even those who started it will not be able to stop it. Every legal means will be deployed to make the governor of Abia state pay.

Amnesty International Nigeria, pro-human rights papers and lawyers like Punch, Ebun-Olu Adegboluwa, the National NBA etc getting involved in Emperor’s case is a child’s play compared to the turn this matter will take if Emperor remains in prison beyond this week.

And no, this is no threat. This is a notice to the political bandits in Abia who think they can deny the people the right to have a govt and still deny them the right to complain.

The author, Charles Ogbu

I am acutely aware of the strong allegation that the whole ordeal of Emperor – from his arrest and arraignment before a jurisdiction-less magistrate court as a way of having him remanded in prison down to the demonic letter to the PSC telling the Federal Government that Emperor has been insulting “our dear President, calling for his impeachment and calling Nigeria an Islamic Republic” as well as another petition to the DSS plus his eventual re-arrest and detention without trial and subsequent transfer to Abuja – were masterminded by the Abia state Chief of staff, Dr-acb Agbazuere.

We are not unaware of this but in our opinion, Agbazuere is just an appointee working for someone. The fact that his Boss, the governor, turns a blind eye while he allegedly carries out all those acts shows he (the governor) approves of them. Even if the governor doesn’t know, he is still vicariously responsible and we will hold him to account.

The era where you use any govt agency to arrest and detain anyone indefinitely for whatever reason is long gone. Bringing in an outside hawk to devour your own brother just because of political differences is something for which our forefather ‘ji eduga’ some people na ajo ofia back in the days when the sky used to be the abode of the squirrel.

And to those of you who are always most vocal against acts of tyranny committed by President Buhari but conveniently maintain radio silence when your own governors or other politicians do the same thing or even worse against their own people, you actually deserve a bungalow in the hall of shame.

By your silence, you’ve proven that your opposition to tyranny depends on the face of the tyrant or his political party, region or religion. For shame!

In Enugu, a culture of political sycophancy is taking root. In almost all their WhatsApp fora, it is moronic praises for failed politicians ruining their destiny with the active connivance of religious yahoo yahoo men giving holy cover to govt idiocy. The governor is working but more on billboards.

In Abia, it is tyranny mixed with a general sense of governmentlessness such that one would wonder if a govt ever existed there.

In Anambra, Uncle Willie, a human contradiction to Peter Obi is progressing but only in error. In Ebonyi, Umahi is as excellent in infrastructure as he is in shrinking the civic spaces in the state. A governor who would dare ban journalists from his state for life even when he has only 3 years in office should be watched closely.

In Imo, I guess it’s too early to know if there is hope in this our Hope. Yet, there is a sense in which it can be said that the single biggest tragedy of Ndigbo is the tragedy of leadership. We used to have leaders in the past but now we have political bandits and thugs masquerading as leaders.

And the argument that we are most vocal against external tyranny but less vocal when done by an Igbo politician against an Igbo person is a logical argument, one that is an indictment on us all. We can do better. And we should

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