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Cornel Osigwe, I’m Not Interested In The War Between Your Boss & Ubah ~ By Augustine Ike

Reply: Chukwuemeka Nzube a.k.a Cornel Osigwe


Initially, I wanted to ignore this article written by Cornel Osigwe credited to Mr. Chukwuemeka Nzube from Jos titled my relationship with Ifeanyi Ubah gone soar, as published in their platform anaedoline.

The Nzuko Ora Nnewi WhatsApp platform is first of all an internal interactive forum and the communications and interactions therein is not open for general public consumption, because it’s in-house matter.

Generally, Nnewi has a voting strength of over hundred thousand and the WhatsApp platform do not carry above 256 persons and it’s my personal creation to facilitate internal communication within selected Nnewi son’s and daughters.

The evictions of most persons is not generally drawn from misconduct, but the need to add some other persons needed to be therein for one reason or the order.

Today, Nzuko Ora Nnewi WhatsApp platform is about the most disciplined platform as people do not just post or comment for the sake of posting or commenting .

If the platform is not open to oppositions, then nobody from Anaedoline will be a member starting from Cornel Osigwe (aka Chukwuemeka Nzube) and one or two of his reporters; whose only qualification for being on the platform is the pseudo ownership of anaedoline; a news media known for undermining the Town Union or an attack dog for anybody who refuse to agree with the position of the Chukwuma family in Nnewi.

I have always maintained that for your boss to take the community land on lease for fifty years for only twenty million naira is not only selfish, but wicked.

Immediately, I started criticising the black deal between your boss and the leadership of Nzuko Ora Nnewi without the consent of the general meeting, my car got missing. I am not unaware that it was stolen to frustrate me.

Unfortunately, I have started making payments for the new Camry 2.4 , before the mysterious disappearance of the 2.2 in the late Sir Clement Nwokedi Ike’s funeral. A lot of fingers were pointing to the Okwuani land saga as responsible for the disappearance of my car which I packed in front of a security van on the said date of the disappearance.

I bought the 2.4 Camry from a Rev. Fr. who happens to be a classmate and was gifted two cars and he has no need for the other. Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah did not play a single role in the purchase of my 2.4 Camry. In fact, he only heard it when the rumor generated from your MD’s residence.

This is also true of the recent Honda Ridgeline, alledged to be gifted to me by the Senator. Why will he be given me cars when I actually work for another person not him.

I challenge you to produce your evidence and I will make public the details of both transactions including that of my Matrix.

On Prof. Obi Nwosu’s summit, I am certain he did not contract you to write on his behalf because he is about my closest friend in the world till date. It is a mark of boldness that I brought the beneficial rotation idea to Nnewi and stood by it against any odd till the last minute.

To you, it was my greatest undoing, but to me, it’s one of my biggest land mark in the history of Nnewi Town Union politics.

Unfortunately, if this matter comes up again and my Boss Prof. Nwosu takes same position, I will maintain mine.

What you don’t know is that after the public disagreement, I will still go to his house for leisure and he still offers almost free treatment to my family and very free if I am the one directly involved. Professor Nwosu and I are very civilized people and bold too. We do not trade on blackmail.

Chukwuemeka Nzube (aka Cornel Osigwe) should also note that I maintain my ground on the Okwuani land. It has got little or nothing to do with being the Publicity Secretary of Nzuko Ora Nnewi.

Nnewi as a Town did not start today, we have our laid down procedure for parting with our community land and the entire town must be carried along .

Till date, Nnewi as a Town have not and will not permit a fifty years lease hold on community land in such choice area for 20 million naira only.

Your boss only did Christmas for people as the alleged 20 million naira was paid into a personal account belonging to one who do not represent Nnewi in any capacity. And it was further shared without getting into any official account.

Till date, the document of the land sold to Dr. Cletus Ibeto is in our Town Union file and that of your boss have no document known to the Nnewi community. I challenge you to produce one if any.

If my car keeps missing for saying so, I will keep replacing them as I do not need Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to buy me one. I have a good craft and it pays well and I am contented and that is why I have independent ideas cum worldview.

If your position about my relationship with Ifeanyi Ubah is true, then it’s true mark of a man for me to disagree with him on grounds of principles.

Meanwhile, stop using me to address the feud between Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma and Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, because the former is married to my sister and the latter is till date my very good friend. I have no issues with them save the essentials.

Next time, do not write and put a pseudo name , because we all have our pattern of writing, allow the pseudo to also do the writing for you.

Trying to blackmail me gets me stronger.


Sir Augustine Ike (KSJI)-Ikedoji
Dip. CAM, Dip. L.L, B.Phil, B. A Hons, B.Sc, M.A
Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi

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