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Coronavirus: Arondizuogu Suspends Ikeji Festival



Be informed that the Arondizuogu Traditional Council (ATC) in it’s meeting of 24th March, 2020 in consideration of the pandemic ravaging the world, Nigeria, Imo State and Arondizuogu inclusive, known as “CORONAVIRUS” aka COVID 19, has approved the Suspension of our 2020 IKEJI FESTIVAL in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria directive.

However, all the Traditional Heads, Chiefs and heads of Families are enjoined to perform their usual but private Ikeji sacrifices but be it none to all the general public, there shall be ” NO MASQUERADING ” of any sort. Please be guided.

We advise our people to be mindful of the all the inherent dangers of COVID 19 and adopt distancing and if possible desist from conducting attending and conducting of Burials and wedding and Traditional marriage Ceremonies now till further notice.

Kindly adopt the underlisted procedures as directed by the relevant Authorities to help ourself:-

* Wash your hands frequently with Soap or alcohol based hand rub (Sanitizer)

* Avoid going to crowded places or ceremonies

* wear face masks and Maintain Social Distancing of 2 metres in all our meetings

* Don’t shake hands or embrace with people instead use your Ankle if must

* Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, eyes, ears etc with your bare hands rather a disposable tissue and dispose same judiciously

* Practice Respiratory Hygiene: drink hot lemon tea or one shot of Brandy every morning

* Kindly stay informed and follow Medical health providers.

May the Almighty God spare our lives as these plague pass away in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord And Personal savior, Amen.

Awada Ogbuonyeoma I
Ezediohanma II
Ndiogbuonyeoma, Arondizuogu.

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