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Coronavirus: How Nigerian Rideshare, Taxi Drivers Worldwide Can Protect Themselves

By Kayode Adebayo


Rideshare services, such as Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers worldwide are very vulnerable to the Coronavirus epidemic, since they get in close contact with their customers and a large number of Nigerians who engage in these services worldwide need to protect themselves against the virus.

To this end, I decided to create a list of protection for Nigerians in this profession worldwide:

1. Avoid shaking hands with your customers.

2. Avoid touching your customers.

3. Avoid giving rides to travelers from Coronavirus infested countries.

4. Always open your vehicle windows while driving.

5. Wear disposable gloves during cash and credit card transactions with your customers.

6. Keep soaps, hand sanitizers, tissues and disinfectants in your vehicle and always wash your hands and disinfect your vehicle after each trip.

5. Be extra vigilant at your customers. Take a look at them before you pick them up. If they look sick, deny them a ride right away and contact your company immediately to inform them why you must to deny such customers ride.

6. Avoid unnecessary conversations that would trigger unintended coughing, sneezing and droplets with your customers during rides.

7. Respectfully ask customers who sneeze or cough during rides to cover their mouths, if they didn’t do so.

8. Avoid touching your face with your hands while driving.

9. Wear disposable hand gloves while lifting customers’ luggages.

10. Stop your vehicle, get out and call 911 or emergency services in your country, if any one of your customers falls sick while driving.

12. Stop your vehicle and call 911 or emergency services in your country if you fall sick while driving.

12. Disinfect your vehicle and wash your hands at the end of your shifts.

13. Drive safely.

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