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Coronavirus: President Buhari & others reaping the fruits of their shameless ineptitude

By Modiu Olaguro

Major General (too-tired) Buhari has been president for five years. Within that period, he cumulatively spent about a year in the United Kingdom treating himself of various ailments which although undisclosed, were rumoured to include an ear irritation and inflammation, cancer and poison.

Not once did he deem it fit to identify an existing medical facility in the country he lords over. We’ve got the National Hospital, Abuja; Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos; State House Clinic, Abuja; UCH, Ibadan, etc.

He spurned all of this, mocking them to their pathetic states of dysfunctionalties. He never saw the contradictions in his frequent junket to seek good health in facilities built, maintained and sustained by others whose love for their own country and people trumps that which they have for themselves, a condition warranting the creation of essential services for all and sundry irrespective of race, gender or economic status.

Buhari shamelessly and irresponsibly goes to sleep in British hospitals because he never thought a day would come when he might be needing the services of the decrepit ones he spurns, serially.

The day is here.

Shame on him and all of those before him.

Bola Tinubu is known to boast of a master plan but always fly to London to treat his knee. Atiku was number two man for eight years. Gowon ruled at the height of the oil boom, telling the world his problem was what to do with the country’s money.

Blind as they were, they never imagined a day like this will come.

The day is here.

Shame on them and all of those after them.

They intentionally destroyed this country, left her schools for dead, converted her hospitals to morgues and altered the destinies of her seeds from a glowing pack to a dim, blurred monochromatic lamp.

You hate us, that is why you force taxes from us and take our resources but deny us good schools, hospitals, roads and an opportunity to earn a decent living. We became professional CV writers, marketers and hustlers in a land carved by nature as resplendent with (Garden of) Eden milk and honey.

Kovik one-nine will not kill you dear politician as you lay shamelessly on those local beds, your latent consciences will.

Some of us will keep calling you out until we either lose our voices or lives. We will not allow the fear of hunger, thirst or death overcome our resolve to name and shame you.

This country has become a basketcase, a perfect example of God’s perfection, man’s destruction.

By Modiu Olaguro.

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