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Coronavirus: Time For Christians To Showcase God To The World

By Theo Rays


Coronavirus: Time For Christians To Showcase God To The World… inline with Habakkuk 2:14 & 2nd Peter 3:9

The birth of Israelites as a people of God or God’s own country was characterised by learning about manufacturing and productivity in Egypt and settlement in a land of abundant natural resources at Canaan.

They had to go to Egypt to learn how to harness the resources in Canaan land into manufacturing and productivity for sustenance of life. As a country Israel manufacturers and produces everything under heaven as a way to prove that they are stuff made of God.

Going by what is written, the manifestation of Christ ushered in another set of people of God or God’s own World on earth known as Christians that are programmed and destined to be more powerful than the Israelites.

From miracle performances of Jesus Christ such as turning water to wine, walking on top of water (River or sea) feeding of thousands of people with five pieces of fish and two loaves of bread, raising the dead back to life, making the blinds to see, the crippled to walk, the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak etc, it is certain that Christians are more powerful than the Israelites.

While it is clear that Israelites are showcasing God to the world, Christians are far from doing so. Division orchestrated by politics of State and ego, love of position of authority and love of money and all good things of the world have all combined together to distance Christians from God.

The inability to address challenges facing humanity even in Christian dominated environments is a clear evidence of failure of Christians to present God to the world.

With the myriad of challenges facing humanity such as terrorism, poverty, hunger, unemployment, climate change and the latest outbreak of coronavirus, etc, it is obvious that Christians have a lot of work to do. And to do so they have to change focus, change the method of operation, set a different target and look beyond the good things of the world to channel their energy towards manifesting what is written in Habakkuk 2:14 and 2nd Peter 3:9.

The target of Christians should be centered on making available what the world is lacking and so doing show and prove God to the world for people’s repentance. Christians should manufacture and produce ideas, knowledge, service and physical materials the world need to give good attention to problems of mankind.

In 2014 during the outbreak of Ebola virus disease God revealed to me that another disease more deadlier than Ebola is under way. Today here is coronavirus.

Coronavirus has rattled China and put the world on the toes. The truth is that the world is in siege and so bad enough the people mostly Africans especially Nigerians are monotonous in nature and in action. People need to embrace changes to be able to address the challenges facing it.

People cannot continue to live the same way in this dynamic world and I expect a friendly and stable situation. On this note the Chinese have to change, Americans, Europeans have to change, the Arabs have to change, Africans have change, Nigerians have to change, Ndigbo have to change etc.

Christians must rise up to push for a global change among the citizens of the world. It is time for Christians to manifest Habakkuk 2:14 and thus actualise 2nd Peter 3:9.

As earlier said Christians should target the world by providing solution to problems of humanity making available what is not present and which the world needs.

Take for instance Nigeria need security, Ndigbo need political stability and the world need answer to coronavirus etc and believe you me all are possible to get from Christians.

This said, it is time for Christians to embrace new ideas and knowledge that God is evolving through me. I have brought an integrated gospel services aimed at affecting expanded programs on politics, religion, business, economy, science and technology.

I am thus asking Christians in Nigeria to embrace agriculture business and go into food production on a strong note.

Nigeria situation will change if the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Redeem Church, the Deeper Life Church, the Winners Church etc moves into production of food and meat and manufacturing of domestic needs and essential commodities.

Over time God revealed to me that Church leaders are wasting their time and energy in chasing after membership, occupying position of authority and raising money to build cathedral and enjoy good things of the world.

For the Church leaders to get it right they have to anchor God on manufacturing and productivity with emphasis on making available what the people need through miracles and otherwise.

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