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Corruption: Pungent Odour In Nigeria Democracy

By Comrade Ajagun Adewale

I am very ashamed of the recent development in this country, we are only experiencing to and fro theory of corruption pool while the corrupt elites are enjoying the Archimedes principle of floating under the umbrella of democracy.

In a sane country indictment with maximum proof is a litmus test to public resignation and selfless acclaimed integrity after proper investigation unfortunately it’s unlikely protocol to Nigerian and African opportunists who pose as a leader but far far behind moral and dignity or accountability test

I task every reasonable citizen of Nigeria to do their research in both European continent and Asia for a brief knowledge of my recent grieve, yesterday a top political official (Prime minister) was sentenced to ten (10) years imprisonment in Pakistan for false asset declaration and same yesterday a supreme court that are in position to fight tooth and nail for the progress of sound justice and polished judiciary system declared an influential all time corrupt scandal person of interest free from falsehood asset declaration trier.

He was the number 3 citizen of such a noble country in the world and pace setter for black nation (Africa) as a whole, Nigeria has been raped of justice, equal opportunity, conscience and socio-economic rights through political manipulation apparatus.

They threatened their political party to pull out their configured troops if they refused to meet up their terms and conditions internally.

We saw them empowering criminals to take lives of innocent souls just to proof their stinky influence in some region of the country

They makes horrible headline to control the tune of looting songs and bend the sword of anti-graft fearlessly after commissioning a fraternity of the looting gang.

I must openly roar against the presidency on their blur agenda, because they ought to have been prepared for these day and forfeit the interest of second tenure bid priority because the loot masters exploit their weakness and used it against them all.

I pledged my loyalty to my country irrespective of whose ox is gored brutality is the way forward to a clean and sane Nigeria God bless living proof like Putin of Russia, Rodriguez of Philippine, Yung of North Korea and Xi-ping of China currently Brazil is a zero tolerance for corrupt entity.

The excuses of a financial institution like that of the Guarantee Trust Bank without the consent of CBN was a tutelage sacrilege on the desk of the S- court principal evidence judgement. We believed Supreme court judgement are based on evidence beyond reasonable doubt but recent development has just defined the real impacts of truth and evidence _ they are highly opposite to one another.

I refused to be deceived by the elites it is either now or never! All Patriots and Nationalist should henceforth ignore their sentimental value and let’s go for liberation sailing.

We say no to corruption in Nigeria!

Written by Comrade Ajagun Adewale

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