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Court warns Police against disobedience to it’s orders


A Nigerian magistrate court, based in Abuja has warned the Inspector General of Police against disobedience to it’s orders.

The court had directed the prosecution team of the Nigerian Police Force to provide the Defendant with all the materials the prosecution intends to rely on at the trial before it commenced as stipulated in ACJA 2015 section 350 (2)

In the matter of Cop Vs Martins Ugwu Okpe, the court stated that unless the Police complies with the order it would be guilty of contempt and risk imprisonment.

Speaking to Elombah.com, a party in the proceeding told ElombahNews the order has been served the Police.

“The Bailiff served IGP’s office yesterday and also was at SARS to serve Commander of IRT”, he stated.

Dear DCP Frank, FPPRO, this is the update we just got now. Is 10:00AM Nigeria time. "Meanwhile the Bailiff served IGP'…

Posted by Elombah.com Breaking News on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A whistle blower, Dr George Davidson, has also written to the Police PRO, DCP Frank, regarding disobedience of the rule of law and court orders by the Nigeria Police.

A copy of the letter obtained by ElombahNews said some of the NPF unit constitutes itself to be the police, Judiciary and Nigerian Prison Services at same time.

“The IGP-IRT team inherited by the incumbent IGP is not treating the incumbent noble IGP in a positive light.

“A typical example out numerous cases is the flagrant disregard and disobedience of the rule of law and court orders.”

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