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Covid-19: Activist Launches Media Campaign against Army, Police Brutality, killings of citizens [Update]

Calls on International Community for Intervention

  • Human rights activist Launches Media Campaign against Nigerian Military & Police Brutality, killings of Nigerians Amid Covid-19 Preventive Measures

There have been documented and reported deaths of Nigerians and ruthless brutality by the Nigerian army and police in a bid to enforce the stay-at-home-order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to forestalling the widespread of the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the World today.

A human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, therefore raised a louder alarm of a hashtag media campaign.

Comrade Njoku called on the international community, World Health Organization and other World bodies to save Nigerians from the barbaric and ruthless killings, assaults, harassments and unnecessary brutality by the Nigerian Security Forces amid the preventive measures of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Comrade Paul Njoku

In his widely circulated media campaign message captured by our correspondent, Mr. Njoku wrote:

A media campaign against the military, police brutality and killings of Nigerians amid covid-19 preventive measures

“It is unbearably unimaginable and unfortunate that President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has carefully abandoned Nigerians in the hands of his ruthless Security Chiefs and protégées to be harassing, denigrating and inhumanly treating Nigerians like slaughtered goats in the streets of Nigeria for simply stepping out of their poor-room apartments to buy food and water for the sustainability of the Coronavirus stay-at-home self-isolation-order by the Nigerian government.

“Nature has it that man must be fed with food and water to be alive. Everyone is not necessarily very rich to stockpile food stuffs and waters in the house for family consumption. The poor could be assisted in and around the neighborhood with food and water and when sighted outside houses on emergency condition must not be shot dead by the security forces.

“It is a very pitiful and shameless situation that those that are not killed by the Covid-19 pandemic must either be injured, beaten to scorn, dehumanised or shot dead by the security forces in Nigeria.

It is also very sad that the Nigerian Security agents who are paid with taxpayers money to protect the lives and property of Nigerians are rather killing the armless, helpless and innocent civilians hence keeping mum to the fantastically armed bandits, Fulani killer herdsmen marauding with AK-47 riffles ruthlessly killing, annihilating, raping, kidnapping and slaughtering Nigerians in large numbers.

“I therefore call on the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), United States of America (USA), European Union (EU), World Health Organization (WHO) and other relevant international member communities of the World to wade into the horrible and terrifying situation in Nigeria to curbing this outright abuse of the fundamental human rights of Nigerians.

Nigeria is a supposed nation state of constitutional democracy devoid of federal vassal.

“Nigerians should be saved urgently from these barbaric and ruthless killings, assaults, harassments and unnecessary brutality by the Security Forces amid the preventive measures of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Nigerian citizens are not non-state actors proscribed by the government to be treated with lethal force which is an utter violation of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and African Union Charter on Human Rights which Nigeria remains a member body and signatory to all the available conventions”.

We must be treated with human dignity!

Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku
(Human Rights Activist/Author)

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