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Covid-19: Coronavirus is the work of human hands

By Harry Fanon


I am not having any of those sermons, calculated global indoctrination, media manipulations sustained by religious ideocencracies and masking of reality by WHO Against Coronavirus

1 Coronavirus is the work of human hands.

2 Coronavirus is the creation of man.

3 The most high has no hands in coronavirus. He regretted never again will he destroy humans.

4 Coronavirus is a political tool to dominate other world powers.

5 Coronavirus is a biological weapon created in the Chinese laboratory.

6 Coronavirus is an agent to silence activists against the dictatorial Chinese state.

7 Coronavirus will soon have a cure. The delay is as a result of its novelty and mutative nature.

8 Coronavirus shall come to pass not without human and material consequences.

9 The rich, the poor, the mighty, the powerful, the weak and under achievers are one and the same.

10 Humanity has been humbled-unified in social distancing or relationship by avoidance for communal strength so that we all may be alive.

11 Technology (covid-19) is the apogee of distorted human eclectic thinking.

Harry Fanon is a philosopher and jurisprudence attorney writing from his Ahiazu Cave (hfanon@yahoo.com)

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