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Covid-19: Don’t Leave The Darkness, At Least, Lite A Candle

By Theo Rays On Eco Service Message

… let’s avoid sit-down look and create, initiate, organize and involve ourselves in programs and services against problems and failures

At the dawn of the new millennium in year 2000, the United Nation (UN) observed with dismay that the “myth still prevails” that the continent of Africa has remained under developed with war, corruption, poverty, diseases, hunger and lately terrorism bedeviling the continent on a large scale. The UN wondered why Africa mostly the blacks has failed to cast out poverty and other teething challenges after casting out the Colonial Masters way back in 1960.

The truth is that 60 years after the exit of the Colonial Masters Africa has remained a global headache because Africans are unable to create, initiate, organize and engage themselves in programs and services that are good enough to address Challenges facing development. Sadly, crime powered by human wickedness and greed, corruption and incompetent political leadership plus fetish practice, cultism, religious rooted problems such as money love inspired by monotonous Christian believers, terrorism occasioned by hatred and intolerance of other Religious beliefs among Islamic fanatics championing Jihad have all combined together to block development in Africa.

Take Nigeria as a case study, Nigerians have failed to seek and enact programs and services that are capable of addressing the challenges facing their country. In Nigeria, nothing is being tangibly done to checkmate the evil activities of wicked and greedy people. The level of incompetent political leadership are on the high side with no measure to address them on sight. Before the exit of the Colonial Masters in 1960, Zik has apparently positioned Nigeria to move up to greater heights with qualities of competent leadership. Zik apparently also moved Ndigbo into the mainstream of Nigeria if not ahead of others but both Nigeria and Ndigbo suddenly lost the interesting spark of quality leadership orchestrated by Zik

Ndigbo in particular couldn’t toe the path of Zik due to believe in private business and lack of programs and services toward political leadership in Nigeria. The failure to raise APGA into a force to reckon with in Nigeria is a typical example of the political shortcomings of Ndigbo. Ndigbo should rekindle the spirit of Zik to seek and enact programs and services into the Nigeria system so as to be more relevant in addressing the challenges bedeviling the system. The same thing is applicable to Christians and other blocs in Nigeria. We say there is strength in diversity but we don’t appear to put it in practice. Let’s at least effort lite a candle to attack the darkness and not leave the darkness the way we met it. This is what I assume that Covid-19 is telling us.

Christians as champions of righteousness are at the center of life in Nigeria but corruption is thriving on higher pedestal in the country, so where is the impact of Christians and their message of righteousness and services of omnipotent God they serve? There is need to initiate programs and services that will cause the Christian community in Nigeria to do introspection. On the other hands, fetish people and cultists who kill for rituals, banditry and terrorism have caused more harm to humanity in Nigeria than in every other country but unfortunately there is no strong measures toward addressing such inhuman activities on sight

Way Forward

The major problem of Africa and Nigeria in particular is rooted from the people’s believe in the scope and path of fathers, believe in reputation of others and interests in stereotypes and status quo. The key to move Africa out of under development therefore is to inspire the people to look beyond fathers, look beyond reputations of others and beyond stereotypes and the status quo and then expose them into the “art and characteristics” of greatness as presented by the world today.

The world today is wide open and easily accessible. More so, the world is educated enough to educate its inhabitants. We should endeavor to take advantage of the open world – the educated world to address the challenges facing us. It doesn’t take much to learn and know how Americans, Russians, Japanese and lately Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians and the UAEs among others reached where they are today. It doesn’t take much to learn and know how Europeans turned football and other sports into lucrative business. Innocent Chukwuma is not a University graduate but he established a motor manufacturing plant. That is the education of the world for you.

Another ugly issue behind the problem of Africans and Nigerians in particular is that people believe so much in leadership without mechanisms to choose good people into leadership positions and mechanisms to put leaders in check. Take for instance people worship religious leaders – prophets, pastors bishops and general overseers etc like Lord’s even though they don’t have much to offer. Leaders don’t do magic. That’s one. Two, considering the openness of the world today, nothing really puts those who occupy leadership positions above board in terms of capacity- knowledge and exposure.

People should rather seek and enact programs and services into leadership and avoid putting hope on leaders who cannot do wonders. I have said it and will continue to say it again that Nigerians don’t have the characters needed to make the best use of leadership positions. Why can’t the people articulate, legislate and enact a long term agenda and projects that no incoming President or Governor can change? That’s how they do it in the Europe, America and Asia and Middle East and Africa and Nigeria can as well do it the same way.

Furthermore on the way forward, I advocate for community based programs to educate the people about key subjects of life in the modern age. Let’s seek and enact programs and services and move them to communities at different levels such as villages, towns, tribes and in group forms such as social clubs, NGOs, CSOs, etc. for implementation. Everybody is related to one level of community or the other. More so every community no matter how small in population has educated people that can drive programs and services aimed at addressing challenges of development and well being of the people

In conclusion let me recommend my message tagged Earth Control Service Message (Eco Service) Eco Service Message is advocating for people to seek and enact expanded programs on Religion, business, education and economy through agriculture, sports and science and technology etc.

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