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Covid-19 global updates: Brazil deaths pass 40k

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  • Confirmed Cases:            7,626,573

  • Total Recovered:              3,862,794

  • Total Deaths:                       424,427

  • Active Cases:                   3,339,352

  • Affected Countries:                   215

Nigeria reports 681 new cases of COVID19

Total of:

  • 14,554 cases of COVID19 in Nigeria
  • 4,494 discharged
  • 387 deaths

COVID19: update in Africa

As of 12 June 2020, 9 am East Africa Time

54 African Union Member States reporting 216,446 cases, 5,756 deaths, and 97,068 recoveries.

INDIA: For the first time since coronavirus outbreak, more than 10,000 new cases have been reported in a single day.

NEW: Brazil reports 30,412 new cases of coronavirus and 1,239 new deaths.

Total of 802,828 cases and 40,919 deaths.

VACCINE: Moderna finalizes design of final stage trial of its Covid-19 vaccine, which will include 30,000 participants in July.

INDIA: Mumbai Police launches segway patrolling system at Marine Drive.

NEW: Novel coronavirus may have been spreading in China as early as August 2019, Harvard Medical School says.

INDIA: Delhi conducted 5,360 coronavirus tests in last 24 hours and reported 1,877 new cases. Daily positivity rate at 35%.

Coronavirus update, India:

– Maharashtra: 3,607 new cases
– Delhi: 1,877 new cases
– TN: 1,875 new cases
– Gujarat: 513 new cases
– UP: 478 new cases
– WB: 440 new cases
– Haryana: 389 new cases
– Rajasthan: 238 new cases
– Telangana: 209 new cases
– Karnataka: 204 new cases

NEW: Number of reported coronavirus cases in Russia has surpassed 500,000.

NEW: Pakistan reports 5,834 new cases of coronavirus, 119,536 cases in total.

Pakistan’s largest daily increase by far.

INDIA: Delhi reports 1,877 new cases of coronavirus, 34,687 cases in total.

Delhi’s largest daily increase by far.

INDIA: State of Maharashtra reports 3,607 new cases of coronavirus, 97,648 in total.

Maharashtra’s largest daily increase by far.

JUST IN: Italy reports 379 new cases of coronavirus and 53 new deaths.

Total of 236,142 cases and 34,167 deaths.

NEW: Saudi Arabia reports 3,733 new cases of coronavirus, 116,021 in total.

Saudi Arabia’s largest daily increase so far.

NEW: White House’s favored coronavirus model (IHME) is now projecting 169,890 US deaths from Covid-19 by October.

USA: Number of confirmed coronavirus cases has surpassed 2 million. – JHU

NEW: India reports 1,875 new coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu, state total at 38,716.

349 deaths, 20,705 recovered.

NEW: For the first time in history, the U.S. national debt has surpassed $26 trillion.

JUST IN: Another 1.5 million people in the U.S. filed for unemployment last week.

Over 44 million jobs lost since March.

NEW: Brazil reports 32,913 new cases of coronavirus and 1,274 new deaths.

Total of 772,416 cases and 39,680 deaths.

VACCINE: Brazil will be the first country outside the UK to test the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford.

INDIA: Delhi conducted 5,077 coronavirus tests in last 24 hours, and reported 1,501 new cases. Daily positivity rate at 30%.

Coronavirus update, India:

– Maharashtra: 3,254 new cases
– Tamil Nadu: 1,927 new cases
– Delhi: 1,501 new cases
– Gujarat: 510 new cases
– Haryana: 370 new cases
– Rajasthan: 355 new cases
– West Bengal: 343 new cases
– UP: 275 new cases
– AP: 218 new cases
– MP: 200 new cases

INDIA: Delhi reports 1,501 new cases of coronavirus and 79 new deaths.

A total of 32,810 cases and 984 deaths.

JUST IN: Italy reports 202 new cases of coronavirus and 71 new deaths.

Total of 235,763 cases and 34,114 deaths.

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