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COVID-19 vaccine: Residents applaud health officials



Some residents of Egbe-Idimu on Tuesday applauded the health officers at the Egbe-Idimu Primary Health Centre (PHC) for ensuring that residents were administered the COVID-19 vaccine with ease.

Mr. Ike Ugonna, a 68-year old spare parts dealer, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the officials at PHC displayed so much competence, which he said was evident in the orderliness at the centre.

“I thought I was going to wait the whole day, but they have made it easy for us, and I don’t have any reaction whatsoever as it has been speculated.

“I just want the council to embark on more programmes to enlighten people, a good number of people still don’t know the vaccine is available,” he said.

Sharing same opinion was 66 Alhaji Ismail Akewujoye, who told NAN that the council needed to embark on more sensitisation programme to ensure that the community was COVID-19 free.

“I like the orderliness, I am sure once more people are aware, the crowd will be massive.

“The council has done well and provided canopies, and the health officials are very efficient.

“I want to believe that by the time we come back for the second one, this level of competence won’t be compromised,” he said.

NAN reports that on March 2, Nigeria received 3.92 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and on March 12 the Lagos State government began to vaccinate front line health workers across the state.

Mr. Olakunle Oyejobi, the Media Officer to the Chairman of the Council, said the council would continue to educate the public about the vaccine and its benefits.

“I honestly believe that our religious and cultural beliefs are part of the challenge we are facing; going by the effort of the council we should have more people coming in to get vaccinated.

“We will continue to educate them, hopefully they will listen. The same way some people ignored the polio vaccine for all sorts of conspiracy theories,” he said.

Dr. Yetunde Ibrahim, Medical Officer, Egbe-Idimu LCDA, told NAN that the officials always educated the residents before administering the vaccine to let them know its benefits.

“We will keep ensuring that we do our best to educate them, I believe when others see that nothing is wrong with those that have taken the vaccine, they will come out and get vaccinated,” she said. (NAN)


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