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COVID-19 vaccine safe for human health — Agency

Dr. Nusirat Elelu, the Executive Secretary, the Kwara State Primary Health Care Development Agency (KWPHCDA), has assured that COVID-19 vaccine is safe for human health.

Elelu told newsmen at the University of Ilorin that the vaccine remains “very safe”, despite mild effects complained by some of those who took the vaccine.

She added that the reactions occasioned by the administration of the vaccine were mild and does not last beyond 48 hours.

Elelu said that she and other highly placed individuals, who had taken the COVID-19 vaccine only experience slight headache, fever and general weakness of the body, adding that this is experienced by most of those who took it.

“Some people have avoided and are still avoiding the administration of the vaccine on them.

“However, responses recorded so far compared with the rejection was 50/50, because as many as the number of those who don’t want to take is the number of those who have taken,” she said.

Elelu canvassed for adequate public enlightenment to encourage more people to voluntarily come up to take the vaccine.

She noted that most of the negative information being shared was unverified and unsubstantiated stories helped by the superfluous information flowing from the social media.

The executive secretary therefore appealed to Nigerians to accept the vaccination against COVID-19. (NAN)

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