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COVID deadliest day in US as more than 5,000 die


US saw its deadliest day on record on Thursday with 5,077 new fatalities despite falling cases in COvid-19 infections.


  • More than 5,000 died on Thursday in COVID’s deadliest day as fatalities remain stubbornly high after holiday surge
  • Experts say they are baffled by 50% drop in new infections with just 8.7% of US vaccinated and NO herd immunity
  • The nationwide seven-day average for new coronavirus cases has fallen to 121,645
  • It marks a 50.5% decrease from the peak on January 12 when the average was close to 250,000
  • For the first time in weeks, the seven-day average is below 20,000 cases in every single state
  • Texas and California still lead with average daily cases over 15,000
  • National hospitalizations from COVID-19 have also fallen to 88,668 – the first time they have fallen below 90,000 since November 27
  • Deaths still remained high on Thursday with 3,705 new fatalities reported
  • The drop in cases and hospitalizations comes as the vaccine rollout continues, but slowly, with just 8.7 percent vaccinated

Source: DailyMail

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