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COZA rape scandal: More Questions For Busola…

By Tai Emeka Obasi


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had been the subject of discussion since last week after Mrs Busola Dakolo, wife of inspiration singer Timi Dakolo accused him of raping her when she was 17 years.

He stepped down from the pulpit as senior pastor of the church on Monday but still insisted that he had never raped anyone before, ‘not even as an unbeliever’.

The allegation had elicited reactions from Nigerians including those in the presidency.

I believe we’ve all watched her interview, so let me go straight.

1. You claimed your family was struggling to make ends meet, yet lived in a big duplex. Was that built by your parents or was Pastor Biodun the one paying for your rent?

2. You claimed you were only 16…and that your sisters were celebrating your virginity with all the nice talks, yet they had all lost theirs. Most women won’t want to be seen as the bad girls in the family. But assuming your sisters were all exceptions, how come being a virgin at 16 is a big deal to be celebrated? To make virginity make any sense worthy of mention the woman must be in her 20s, had boyfriends and still have her hymen in place. My dear Busola, were you truly 16?

3. You claimed your boldness and outspokenness endeared you to Pastor Biodun. Yet, when it came to taking your virginity, you surrendered without a word. Let’s believe you were hyptonised by the pastor, where was your outspokenness when he left? Or did he take that with your virginity as well?

4. Let’s assume you were hypnotised by the pastor, how come you went to his church same week?

5. You lost your much-cherished virginity to a man you trusted, a man of God…at that moment he penetrated you, didn’t it occur to you that there was no way a man of God could indulge in adultery, much more rape?

6. But no, you went to his church on your free will, he invited you to come and help his nursing wife. Didn’t that tell you a disaster lay in wait to go and pass the night with a rapist in his house with only a nursing wife as a third party?

7. But you went, managed to thwart all his tricks, as you claim, during the night. In the morning when you were entering his car to drop you at the junction(your claim), didn’t alarm bells ring in your bold, outspoken and possibly intelligent brain?

8. But you entered on the passengers seat even when you claimed a third church member joined you in the vehicle. As a cautious rapee, why didn’t you occupy the backseat?

9. But you didn’t and stayed in the car when he dropped the church member before your own junction. As a catious rapee, why didn’t you drop wherever the church member did?

10. But you stayed put on the passengers seat, he diverted to a ‘lonely’ road and you still sat there without a word. He stopped the car, came out from behind the steering and all over to the passenger’s side. Why didn’t you open the door, take to your heels, shouting “help”? That would have brought him to senses assuming he he had gone insane.

11. But if he was insane, you were by no means saner when you followed him to the bonnet for a doggie rape. You’re probably the first woman a man without weapon raped this style and you waited until he ejaculated! Where on earth could a motorable road be lonely enough for a pastor to indulge in rape in broad daylight?

12. And carrying his ‘load’, you pulled up your pants and re-entered same vehicle? Haba!
Let me tell you what any victim of rape would do – she would walk all the way home, even if home was 100km away and she hadn’t a dime with her for transport. That is how far a woman detests rape. But you encouraged him after the first act by going back to his church and even more after the second by letting him take you home.

God forgive me if you, Busola was actually raped by Pastor Biodun but believe me, your story doesn’t add up. And I’m only judging you by your words and not by Biodun’s claims. You can tell me Pastor Biodun took advantage of you and I start believing some elements of your story. But rape? No baby. Just try another sucker.

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