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COZA Rape: Unfriend me, On Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo I Stand

By Fejiro Oliver


What I’m going to type may not make sense to you, it may be the worst post you’ve read from me. You will expect me to follow the crowd because like the mob mentality, I’m not supposed to have sense but just follow.

I understand.

It’s the Nigerian mentality to jump into any trending issue, become relevant with it, especially when it has to do with supporting anything female or women’s movement.

Excuse me.

Before I start, let me remind you that my best treasure in the world are not my assets but my beloved daughter. She’s the only reason I can kill. I love her more than I love myself and my son. She’s my soulmate and everything that makes my world sweet. She’s the only one that can tell me not to be a witness against Senator Peter Nwaoboshi and I wont be a witness but fortunately for me, she’s still a baby who doesn’t know I’m fighting corrupt people.

I’m first a woman lover before a man lover… No apologies.

But I still have my sense, my brains intact.

I have never loved Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). I see him like the serpent in the Garden of Eden who plays on women’s emotions, especially the Abuja girls who flock his church in their seductive short skirts and hugging gowns that will make a righteous man forget the kingdom of God. If I ever go to COZA, it’s to partake in the sin that goes on there with the daughters of Eve. Their thick curvy girls makes the place a second Sodom and Gomorrah.

He’s manipulative in my thinking.

Busola Dakolo I don’t know. Her husband I know and loves his songs. His Great Nation song remains my best, reminding me of patriotism to a nation that cares about no one.

I have watched the video of her rape claim against Biodun. It’s sickening listening to it, but again I am not moved by emotions.

From time immemorial, the biggest victim used against men have been rape. Joseph was accused of rape and we all know how he ended up in jail. In Europe and America, the easiest stunt pulled by a girl is rape against a man. The society we are is a world of women who once they mentioned they were raped by any man, majority are bound to believe.

I do not know Busola reason for this accusation but the journalist in me believes in giving fair hearing to ALL SIDES especially in an issue that happened over a decade ago. Three times she claimed she was rape.

Hell No.

I can accept the first one grudgingly but not the second and third. Pastor Biodun must be a magician to have hypnotized her during the first encounter.

If you have slept with virgins and I mean real virgin, you will understand why some men prefer to have a girl who have been deflowered. It’s a battle. Even the second and third time remains almost like the first time especially when there is blood like she claimed

With over five virgins passing through me (sorry if it hurts but this has to be proven beyond doubt), I can tell for sure that rape in that first instance can’t be done in silence when there is someone inside the house like she said.

I broke up with one of my virgin girlfriends in the University because the left side of my neck was bitten by her during the struggle to enter her Jerusalem without a Visa. Till date, once I hear virgin, I unconsciously remember my left neck and feel the teeth on it. With condom that has lubricant, it’s a tug of war. Imagine going inside without condom and use of lubricant. Biodun will not only get bruises but he can’t penetrate fully especially with her legs closed all throughout.

Remember its rape not consent like she said.

In rape, the victim continuously close her legs and holds on to anything to kill the pains of penetration. For the man, it’s a struggle to keep opening the leg which will result to bruises. None of these happened in Busola and Biodun case.

After the act, it’s mostly obvious that something has happened as she’s naturally expected to start acting strange in the house and getting moody, accompanied with the pains that comes with it, for a girl of seventeen. Her elder sister should have seen all these. When her parents comes back, they will notice their daughter withdrawing from their beloved Pastor. None of these happened.

And Chude who did the interview like a replayed reality show wants me to believe it.

As a child in JSS 1, I have been molested by Head Girls, who kept passing me round to every new Head Girl until my dad changed me to an all boys school. So I know the trauma I passed through those years but I could not also speak. Most of us have been victims of these but we must discern truth from emotions.

Like Falz the bad guy sang, this story no dey add up, this fabu no dey add up.

‘Krest’ it on my chest that I’m supporting rape and it’s your cross to carry not mine.

For anyone to go extra mile to organise a protest so fast to COZA Church is simply loss of sanity. Because someone said she was raped which we haven’t confirmed, our senses went away and emotions took over.

For everyone planning to go to that church tomorrow for protest, you are one of the problem of Nigeria. You are the reason we are where we are today because of your gullibility. This is why Buhari said he will make N1 to $1 and we believed it.

This is why the politicians keep using our brains because they know we have no brains to reason but believe everything without applying logic and reasoning.

Protest against rape but not the one that needs time to prove.

Protest against rape but not the one decided by social media influencers who will see it as their claim to fighting against injustice.

Protest against rape but not the one that is told when a husband is asked to check the paternity of his children.

Protest against the Ruga settlement which is Nigeria’s biggest rape.

Protest against the malfunction of government which when we call, you all pretend to develop deaf ears.

Protest against going to immigration offices and you are told there’s no booklet for weeks.

Protest against underage marriage in the North and advocate for pens not penis.

For randy Pastor Biodun, pack your church filled with the military tomorrow and flog mercilessly anyone that will disrupt your church service.

Jesus flogged people in the temple, so should you.

I believe in consent. I believe that wearing a short skirt does not mean consent. I believe that wearing a tight cloth does not mean penetrate. I believe wearing a sexy lingerie is not a call for sex.

Most importantly, I believe in using my brains.

F.O (God’s Pen of Morality)

National President – Table Shakers Association

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