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Crabs in a barrel – by Kennedy Emetulu


There is a dangerous trend developing and growing astronomically at the moment. 

It is one pitting some of those who voted for Muhammadu Buhari on one side and some who voted for Goodluck Jonathan on the other. 

Scarily, this is more than a year after an election has been won and lost. 

It’s obvious that the Buhari government is not all that it was made out to be before it assumed office and many Nigerians now know this and admit that much, including those who campaigned for him and voted for him. 

However, there is some kind of sick celebration going on in the other section of the partisan divide by some who voted for Jonathan. 

The latter now think they are the heirs of Nostradamus for seeing tomorrow, which is our today from yesterday. 

This silly “I-told-you-so” dance has pushed some of those who voted Buhari to come out to further defend their stance by claiming that the choice of Buhari was the only viable choice they had in that election as Jonathan was so-so bad that no matter who was pitted against him at that time, he was simply bound to lose. 

For the record, I personally don’t buy such an ineptly disguised defensive argument or any argument along those lines. 

We weren’t electing people to be the Pope. 

Anyone who goes into an election thinking they are going to vote for some angel or some Christ are a waste of space. 

The reality of political choices especially in developing countries is that you are most times choosing between bad and less bad. Progress is made arithmetically, not geometrically. 

What you most times guide against is a rollback of progress already made, no matter how small and no matter how defined. 

For some of us, following from decades of predatory and nation-destroying de facto rulership of the military-industrial complex, Jonathan was that tiny progress and Buhari is a rollback. 

Fine, we said it during the campaigns and it seems to be bearing out now, but, hey, stop! Stop the sick celebration! 

The nation is in conflagration and no one, whether you voted for Buhari or Jonathan has a right to come out now and thump their chests or brandish a shield for self-protection. 

We all need to protect Nigeria and it starts with a full understanding of where we are NOW and how we need to approach things going forward as ONE! Yes, as ONE!

If you are a conscious Nigerian, a real patriot, a lover of our country and our people, forget who you voted for or campaigned against last election, forget all the stories you told to get that person elected or the other defeated. 

Just stop there and think. Think of nothing but the nation NOW. You get that?

Okay, if you’re thinking of the nation now, you will soberly accept that the campaigns are over, you will accept that we are already more than one year into governance and you will accept it’s not looking good. 

Again, at this point, forget the excuses. 

Whether oil price is at rock bottom or Jonathan carted away the national cake to Otuoke or wherever and whatever, leave out those excuses. 

Note only one thing. 

There is a government in place to review things and make sure they bring all those who have abused their office through corruption and other official acts to book. There is a democratic process for that. 

So, whether we are APC, PDP or independent, let’s all focus on the process and ensure that the authorities are acting right by the law. 

We want criminals to be brought to justice, but we don’t want those in the position of administering that justice to instead use the process for vendetta or use it selectively. 

We must always as one call them out on their impunity and keep their legs to the fire at all times. 

We are not only looking at how they are treating people not in their political camp but, more crucially, we should be seriously looking at how they are running the affairs of state while they are there now. 

Our Black Book must never be closed. We are the people and we have sovereignty, not those we have elected to serve us. We are their bosses.

Now, here is the strategic thing: For our rulers who are invested in bad governance, their best strategy is to divide the people. 

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