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Credible Yoruba people hail Igbo excellence in education


When it is time for election or population count, Nigeria use false and fraudulent population count and false voters’ registration numbers, but when school enrollment comes, it exposes the false population count and false voter registration, because the population of Igbos are constantly falsely manipulated. – Author

Smart and reasonable Yoruba  agrees with Igbos and encourages  Igbo success in education as  you can see from their comments, but  some people with their tribal hate Kindergarten reasoning,  and temper tantrum episode always want to use Nigeria notorious corruption prism to examine and discredit good things  that is happening in Igboland today and forever – I say Amen.

For 30 years now, Igbos have done well in education and health advancement like girls education, infant mortality and literacy levels as the best and  highest in Nigeria and among the best in Africa. Fact is that if one adds the high population of Igbo Students score and grades who lives in Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti, Kwara, Kano, Kaduna, Edo, and in all parts of Nigeria and add it to the score of Students in Igbo land of South East, the rest of Nigeria will look miserable bad like Yobe, Zamfara, Afghanistan and Gombe in their poor performance. We don’t want to do that yet and that is why you are talking. If we do that you will be shamed.

This trend has been happening for over 30 years and since after the uncivil war showing that South East Igbos in the last 30 years have been leading and beating every region both in boys and girls education in enrollment and graduation from elementary to University levels.

This brings into question on what Nigeria population should be facts or false population. Nigeria population count is a fraudulent exercise and will always be. The is no way South East Igbo tribe for over 30 years now and in every year since then have lead by wide margin in enrollment and graduation every year for 30 years from primary school, secondary school and University level education can have a small population than the North or West as Nigeria population and INEC election voter registration falsely claims.

I have an article posted with links and references on Nigeria false population and Igbo school enrollment as far back as 2002. That is 14 years ago and Igbos were still leading and beating all regions and tribes in Nigeria in education in 2002 despite the doubting Thomas and blackmailers like you and the rest of the gangs.

Igbos have been leading in education for over 30 years now in enrollment and graduation from primary school, secondary schools to university level. Again, I posted two articles and links to educate you on the false population count of Nigeria, voters’ registration and school enrollment in Nigeria as it affects Igbos.

School enrollment all over the world is used to measure the population of a region, of a group of people or tribe, but Nigeria uses false index to count their fraudulent population and fraudulent voters’ registration. 

When it is time for election or population count Nigeria will use false and fraudulent population count and false voters registration numbers, but when school enrollment time comes, it exposes the false population count and false voter registration , because the population of Igbos are constantly falsely  manipulated and their population count less during the voters registration and population census, but during school’s enrollment in Primary, secondary and University enrollment Igbos for over 30 years every year Igbos post high numbers in schools enrollment numbers and graduation by far with wide margin than all tribes and region and groups in Nigeria.

Nigeria by their corruption has manipulated and screwed up all metrics and index for decent development and economic planning, because of false tribal sentiments that’s messed up the population and school enrollment counts.

For example, the Northeast of Nigeria is the hot bed of Boko Haram war,  but during election voting and population estimation the North East is given high numbers in a war zone despite that millions of people have ran away, refuges crisis and  millions of displaced person moved  over to other  zones and regions, but still it is falsely given high numbers on population and voters registration including under age voters, but when it is time for school enrollment which is what is  used in world standard to measure population, the North East, North West and Middle Belt numbers will score less than South East Igbos in schools enrollment to  less than 30% of what it claims the North East, North West, and Middle Belt population is. This is also the case for Northwest and all the Northern States and many States in the West.

This  inherent diabolic corruption on population and voters registration have made it impossible for Nigeria to have a reliable development plan that tackles issues of healthcare, education, infrastructure  development and national development. With situations like these, no wonder Nigeria does not move forward but declining.

Ugo Harris Ukandu

Southeast States triumph in latest WAEC May/June 2015 Results

Abia and Anambra States once again have led the pack in the recently released WAEC May/June 2015 results, with Edo State on the third position.

Abia and Anambra States once again have led the pack in the recently released WAEC May/June 2015 results, with Edo State on the third position.

According to statistics, Abia State topped the chart with 33, 762 of its 52, 801 candidates.

Anambra State came second with 28, 379 out of 46, 385 candidates. While Abia State scored 63.94 per cent, Anambra got 61.18 per cent out of 100 per cent.

Edo State took the third position with 38, 052 of its 62, 327 candidates getting five credits and above. It had 61.05 per cent. Rivers and Imo states came fourth and fifth respectively.

The worst performing state are Sokoto, Bauchi, Kebbi, Katsina, Gombe, Jigawa and Zamfara ranking 30th to 36th respectively.

See a quick stat below:

1] Abia State (63.94%) 1st

2] Anambra state (61.18%) 2nd

3] Edo state (61.05%) 3rd

4] Rivers State 4th

5] Imo State 5th

6] Lagos 6th

7] Bayelsa 7th

8] Delta 8th

9] Enugu 9th

10] Ebonyi 10th

The Worst Performing States Are As Follows –

30] Sokoto 30th

31] Bauchi 31st

32] Kebbi 32nd

33] Katsina 33rd

34] Gombe 34th

35] Jigawa 35th

36] Zamfara 36th


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