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Crying Soldier Replies Buratai: I’ve Lost Almost All My Closest Friends


A soldier, Sergeant Musa Hassan, weeping over his loses in the ongoing war against Boko Haram insurgents, has replied the Chief of Army Staff [COAS], Lt. General Tukur Buratai who said that that some officers and men ENGAGED IN THE Boko Haram war lack sufficient commitment.

ElombahNews had, on June 19, reported that Lt. General Buratai lamented that some officers and men’s insufficient commitment is affecting the success of the counter-insurgency operations in the country.

Buratai had spoken on Tuesday at the opening of a five-day leadership workshop for mid-level officers and soldiers in Abuja.

He said the rising terrorist attacks were due to “insufficient commitment to a common national and military cause by those at the frontlines.”

Buratai said: “It is unfortunate, but the truth is that almost every setback the Nigeria army has had in our operations in recent times can be traced to insufficient willingness to perform assigned tasks.”

Nigeria Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai

The army chief noted that there were proven cases of soldiers unwilling to carry out assignments given to them.

He added that reluctant troops should leave the service as the army would no longer tolerate them.


Boko Haram Winning Because Soldiers Not Committed —Buratai

Reacting, Sergeant Hassan accused Buratai of insensitivity to the plight of soldiers at the warfront, in short message obtained by  ElombahNews.

He said: “I have lost almost all my closest friends.

“It’s very hard to believe that someone can say we are not fully committed to fight Boko Haram, what more commitment can a soldier do than putting his life on the line ?

“It shall never be well with the people involved or have their hands in this Boko Haram Attacks.”

Soldiers maimed in the Boko Haram war

Continuing, he lamented how he and his colleagues have to fight “a faceless Boko Haram wielding far more sophisticated weaponry” than they do.

He said: “When a soldier in the front line risking his life fighting a faceless Boko Haram wielding far more sophisticated weaponry, realizes that the Chief of Army Staff in Abuja says soldiers like him aren’t committed enough towards ridding Boko Haram…

“Many young and gallant soldiers have paid the ultimate price fighting for their country.

Litter of soldiers killed by Boko Haram militants

“We personally know a few. Too bad, to openly scold gallant soldiers who are the ones on the field taking the risk.”

He prayed that “God Protect every soldier fighting to defend our nation against Boko Haram.”

In a recent development, our source in the Army had informed of the attack of 158 Task Force Battalion, Kareto, Borno State, By Boko Haram killing the Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Azubuike and other soldiers.

Late Lt. Col. Azubuike

Lt. Col. Azubuike has been on several tour duties to the North East, where His Battalion base was attacked by ISWAP.

Azubuike served the country and paid the supreme sacrifice.

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