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CSO Asks EFCC To Obey Court Order & Stop Witch-Hunting Maina


Going through the series of events regarding Abdulrasheed Maina’s pension case, it is easy to understand that EFCC is lawless through flagrant disobedience to court orders/judgments. All the three COURT JUDGEMENTS secured by MAINA against the EFCC have not been obeyed to date.

The Legislative Watch keenly observed the lawlessness and impunity being played out by the EFCC over the refusal to respect the recent court judgement ordering it to remove the name of former Chairman of the Pension Reform Team, Abdulrasheed Maina from its wanted list.

The enrollment order of the judgment clearly states that the EFCC , its agents, privies, representatives, and other related affiliates are to forthwith remove the picture, name, references, details and particulars of Maina from the wanted list published on the official website or any other related platforms.

Recently, Maina got respite from the illegal declaration as “wanted” by the EFCC. This is achieved through a judgment verdict that has perpetually restrained EFCC from further declaring Maina “wanted”.

This act of impunity and lawlessness being exhibited by EFCC is closely watched and profiled by the international community, and is making our President’s reputation questionable within and without.

This trend is DANGEROUS for our Democracy and it is against what the President has always stood for.

We urge both the Attorney-General and the Solicitor General of the Federation to wade in and direct EFCC and its Management to respect this COURT ORDER to save our Democracy and Rule of Law.

Rule of law is the lifeline of any democratic governance and civilized society. Thus, it should be respected.

We say this in the interest of NIGERIA and we will not fold our arms and watch this trend continue. We shall take this flagrant abuse of the judiciary back to the Court for Contempt proceedings if the EFCC management refuses to abide by this order after the elapse of 7 days from today.

All security agencies have complied with the court verdicts on Maina, except the EFCC, who have refuses to remove his name from their website as ” wanted” in contravention to order of the subsisting court order.

Ihuoma Ngozika
Executive Secretary

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