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Cult War: Over 60 Killed in Inen Community, Akwa Ibom State

The people of Inen community in OrukAnam local government area of Akwa Ibom State have appealed to the executive Governor of the State, Emmanuel Udom to intervene in the constant killings in the community by notorious cult groups.

Over 60 lives have been wasted so far in Inen community since the cult war between Iceland and Degbam cult groups started 8 months ago according to credible reports

Because of the frequent killings, some indigenes of the community have fled from their homes taking refuge in neighbouring communities while many are receiving treatment in various hospitals in the state.

Mrs. Iniobong, wife of one of the victims Mr. Friday Ufenang, who was shot in the church during early morning prayers last Sunday, said her husband survived by God’s mercy after surgeries on the head to extract bullets.

Mrs. Iniobong also said she needed more than N500,000 for other operations to get her husband back to his feet again.

Another victim, a retired police Inspector, Mr. Okon Josiah Udoh, is now taking treatment in an undisclosed hospital in Uyo for injuries he sustained when cultist groups that have been launching scorching onslaught in the community attempted to kill him in the area.

An eyewitness who doesn’t want his name on print because of security reasons said the case of the retired police officer was very pathetic given his health conditions before he was attacked by the hoodlums.

The eyewitness noted that the police officer had relocated to the community and was bedridden with stroke at the time when the blood thirsty cultists started killings in the village.

He further explained that the retired police officer infiltrated the cult groups for three weeks begging them to stop their carnage but instead of them to listen to the pleas, they resorted to attack giving him deep machete cuts.

A resident, Mr. Victor Johnny, told our Correspondent that hostilities orchestrated by these criminals have crippled both social and religious activities in the area.

“Last Sunday no Church in the community held their worship service after an Elder was shot in the church vestry during prayers. All the churches closed down and members attended service in neighbouring villages.”

“The worst of it all is that all the schools both primary and secondary in the area have not resumed as teachers and pupils could not return for fear of hoodlums who may cause havoc at anytime.”

Narrating his personal ordeal, another resident Mr. Friday Emmah, a poultry farmer who is now taking refuge in Port Harcourt told our correspondent how he narrowly escaped death by the whiskers in the hands of the cultists.

Emmah said the cultists first invaded his poultry and removed 200 chickens at different occasions out of 600 birds leaving only 400 in the farm and later broke windscreen of his car.

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