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Cyber fraud: U.S. Embassy, FBI warn Nigerian youths


The U.S Embassy in Abuja on Tuesday advised professionals and young people including students to desist from clicking on any site except those considered secure to guard against cyber fraud.

Ms Kathleen Ms Kathleen FitzGibbon, Chargé d’ affaires, U.S. Embassy, Nigeria gave the advice while speaking with journalists on the sidelines of the Cybersecurity Awareness Seminar with the theme: “Own IT, Secure IT and Protect IT” held in Abuja.

FitzGibbon said that although the use of internet was paramount for professionals and students, “everyone must learn to consciously protect their presence on the internet, especially on all social media platforms”.

According to her, some people reveal too much information on their platforms, a situation which gives easy access to bad actors to carry out crimes with the details available to them.

She urged the students not to click on any site except the ones they know are secure.

The Chargé d’ Affaires also warned against using free WiFi in restaurants, hotels, and airports, saying that though free, some of the internet accesses could be dangerous when not secure.

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