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Daddy Freeze: Are these people really christlike in the real sense of it?

By Ifeanyi Michael Nrialike


Do you know of Mehmet Ali Agca? He was the Turkish Muslim who on 13th May, 1981 shot the then Catholic Pope Pope John Paul the 11. After striking the Pope withe bullet from the gun he fired, Mehmet was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

When Pope fully recovered, Holy Father sought petition to visit Mr Mehmet in Prison. The Italian Govt obliged him. When His Holy Father visited Mehmet, he was full of regret and wept like a baby, regretting his action, and asking for forgiveness from the man he attempted to kill.

Holy Father, the Pope  instantly informed him that he has since forgiven him. From that day, he adopted Pope as a Mentor. Needless to say that Mehmet converted to Christianity. Pope further sought for his State pardon.

The Italian Government then headed by President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi granted him state pardon. He was subsequently deported to  Turkey in the year 2000.

When I see the Pastors from their Pulpit calling Daddy Freeze bastard, Mad dog etc, I weep for Christianity and wonder what other wrong things are some of these people teaching us from the Altar?

Daddy Freeze may be wrong for all I care, but it is our reactions as Christians to his mistake, if any that determines our Christianity. I must say without equivocation that Pastor David Ibiyemi and Pastor Dr Paul Enenche all got it wrong!

Now that Daddy Freeze has apologized to Pastor Oyedepo, will they be humble and wise enough to apologise to Daddy Freeze? If God is treating each and every one of us the way these pastors harshly and rudely treated Daddy Freeze, how many of us will remain?

In Isaiah 53 V 5,, the Holy Bible told us that” He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by his wounds we are healed”! What did Christ say for all these? ‘Forgive them father for they know not what they are doing!!

These modern day Christians do not know that. It is very unfortunate!! Very very unfortunate.

I will implore our Christian brethrens to be careful who they are listening to. For many will come in His name but Our father in heaven know them not!! Matt 24 v 5, Luke 21 v 8!

Do not be deceived!

Be careful!!

We must be doers of his words!!!

And by their fruit, we know them!!!!

Ifeanyi Michael Nrialike

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