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Damage Okorocha did in Imo is “unspeakable crime” —Odinkalu


The former chairman of the National Human Rights Commission [NHRC], Prof. Chidi Odinkalu
has described as “unspeakable crime” the damages done by the former governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to the state while in office.

Prof. Odinkalu made the pronouncement on his Twitter handle on Wednesday.

According to Odinkalu, in his last year in office,Okorocha had ‘released to or for himself in cash from the coffers of Imo state, something in the region of some N119 billion (one hundred & nineteen billion Naira)’.

Speaking further, he said that “all official cars in the state were stolen or looted” while ‘the Government house was plundered’.

Prof. Chidi Odinkalu

See tweet below:

Stressing the extent of the damages, Odinkalu stated that the new Imo State governor, Emeka Ihedioha
has to operate from his private home.

Worse yet, “all senior state officials have to work from their private premises and use their private cars for official work.

“It’s impossible to describe in words the damage @realRochas
did. It’s unspeakable crime,” Odinkalu stated.

See tweet below:

Going further, Odinkalu stated:

“Over a period of 8 years, it’s an understatement to say Okorocha stole Imo State dry and laid the state desolate.

“Turning around the state from his reign of pillage and plunder will require a lot of work and may be a bit of a miracle.”

The erudite Professor lamented the fact that as Governor, Okorocha created 31 Ministries, including one for “Happiness and Couple Fulfilment”, with over 39 permanent Secretaries and an unknown number of advisers.”

He reassured Imolites, however, that Ihedioha as Governor is doing the needful and has decided to prune the Ministries to no more than 17.


Odinkalu also bemoaned the much touted “Free Education” introduced to the state under Rochas Okorocha.

According to him, “all the State Universal Basic Education (SUBEB) contracts in the state were awarded to one single contractor.

“In all over N3.67 billion worth of contracts went to this one contractor who was the Governor’s front. Meanwhile the Governor was touting “FreeEducation”.

He also tweeted about Imo State 260 accounts with various financial institutions under Okorocha as, Governor, the 7-man Financial Advisory Team led by Dr. Abraham Nwankwo, the Peace Mass Transit which was forced to shut down under Okorocha, et al.

See tweets:

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