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Danbazau, not deploying soldiers against herdsmen is sabotage – Huriwa


Danbazau, not deploying soldiers against herdsmen is sabotage - Huriwa

A pro-Democracy Non-governmental organization – Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) has faulted the position of the minister of Interior Abdulrahman Danbazau.

Danbazau, a retired Lieutenant General, said that government won’t deploy soldiers to confront killer Fulani herdsmen.

The Rights group said the minister of Interior has come under close scrutiny and intense  criticisms for his recent rash of one sided and sectional appointments of heads of para-military organizations under his beat.

The group adds that he has just displayed crass lack of passion to finding lasting solution to the dare devil activities of armed Fulani herdsmen.

The deadly violence visited on many farming communities by herdsmen has by far outweighed the extent of damage and destruction wrought by armed Islamists of Boko Haram terrorists.       

HURIWA said it amounted to sabotage of the National Security interest and a constitutional breach for a Federal Cabinet member to take a position in tacit support of armed mass murderers.  

These have in the last two years taken their brazen and murderous attacks to many more states across all geopolitical zones of Nigeria than even the dreaded armed Boko Haram terrorists.

Their dare-devilry has been substantially restricted to the North East; North Central and North West of Nigeria.

The Rights group said the statement by the Interior minister amounted to a direct confirmation of the apprehensions in many quarters.

The apprehensions is about the highest political backup and support from the highest political hierarchy given to members of the Miyetti Allah Cattle rearing association.

Their members constitute the bulk of the armed Fulani herdsmen that have terrorized Taraba, Benue, Kaduna, Plateau, Enugu and Delta States with over 10,000 casualties and individual assets worth several billions destroyed by the rampaging Fulani terrorists.     

The Rights group said it was not even in the place of the minister of Interior to say whether armed soldiers would be deployed to tackle armed Fulani herdsmen.

Their murderous activities have threatened national security but are capable of causing civil war amongst the diverse Ethno-religious religious components of Nigeria.

Huriwa said that Abdulrahman Danbazau is just a busy body and an interloper trying to usurp the constitutional functions of President Muhammadu Buhari who till date has failed to directly condemn the bloody violence unleashed on different communities by his kinsmen.   

HURIWA which condemned the Interior Minister for making that senseless statement that armed Fulani herdsmen who are as deadly as terrorists won’t be confronted by soldiers but police said it is in the place of President Muhammadu Buhari to make such a categorical statement and wondered why it has to be the minister who has no control over the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Nigerian Constitution. 

“We suspect the hands of Esau but voice of Jacob in all of these which tacitly confirms that this government is playing politics with the deadly violence being unleashed by the armed ruthless Fulani herdsmen “.

“We believe that Abdulrahman Danbazau is playing the role of agent provocateur to disclose the inner plots of Northern Political hawks who are actually the employers of the armed Fulani terrorists wrecking havocs across Southern States and Christian dominated North Central States. 

“President Muhammadu Buhari must come out openly to condemn these killings by his kinsmen and deploy all necessary military and security apparatus to degrade and destroy the capacity of the armed Fulani herdsmen to unleash violence because if effective military actions aren’t deployed to tackle these killers then the Nigerian government is simply preparing ground for more killings by Fulani herdsmen because the Nigerian police which failed to stop Boko Haram terrorists at inception have severally proven incapable and unprepared to check the violent activities of Fulani herdsmen. 

The killings by Fulani herdsmen amounted to serious and grave threat against the territorial integrity of Nigeria so it is wrong headed for the Interior minister to reduce the activities of mass killers to mere law and order matter. 

This is substantially spurious and an attempt by the Interior Minister to disclose the interior motives of some persons in the central government to do nothing whilst the killing spree by armed Fulani herdsmen continues”.     

HURIWA recalled that the interior minister said government will not deploy soldiers to fight against killer Fulani herdsmen who have launched attacks in various states.

According to Dambazau, the attacks are a non-military issue because the police have not been overwhelmed by the herdsmen.

“We must protect the country which is the main function of the police. The Civil Defence are there to complement them too,” the minister said during an appearance on Channels TV.

“This is a non-military issue that borders on law and order. It is not every security issue that you call in the military.

“It is the responsibility of the police to maintain peace. I believe that if we put the police in proper position in terms of discharging its functions, then there would be no need for military option”.

But HURIWA in a statement signed jointly by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf said the statement by retired Army Lieutenant General Danbazau amounted to ‘dancing naked shamelessly’ on the graves of our fallen compatriots in their thousands who have been massacred by armed Fulani terrorists. 

HURIWA said: “Does it mean that Nigeria has become a failed state that a serving minister will rather than defend the constitution has chosen to side with his kinsmen even when some of these his own kinsmen have taken up sophisticated weapons to defend their cows at the risks of killing and maiming thousands of unarmed civilians and farmers? 

“This same government sent armed soldiers to hunt down peaceful pro-Biafra protesters in Onitsha and other South East States resulting in the killings of scores of totally unarmed protesters but our national intelligence is being insulted by a serving minister who recently flooded all the para-military agencies under his ministry with heads of such places who come from his Northern section of Nigeria “.

Emmanuel Onwubiko

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