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Dapchi: Leah Sharibu’s Brother Relocated To Safety

As World Marks Heroine Captive Schoolgirls’ Birthday New Photo Of Leah Sharibu Released


The younger brother of captive Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu has been evacuated from northeast Nigeria to continue his education in safety.

Leah Sharibu is the sole remaining hostage of the Dapchi mass abduction of February 19, 2019.

Her mother, Rebecca Sharibu, who has only two children had expressed concern about the safety of her only son in Yobe State given the abduction of her only daughter Leah from a Government Girls Science and Technology College Dapchi.

We reported last week that the girls have been returned to the school in spite of the continuing concern by parents of inadequate security and despite recommendations that the school should be shutdown/.

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Posted by US Nigeria Law Group on Monday, May 7, 2018

We are thankful to well-meaning Nigerians at home and abroad who contributed to the relocation and first term fees payment for young Master Sharibu to a safer part of the country.


In a related development international human rights activists have responded to our call for May 14 to be marked as WORLD LEAH DAY in honor of Leah’s birthday. She turned 15 years old on Monday.

The Washington based US NIGERIA LAW GROUP urged Christians to pray for Leah from Sunday May 13-May 20 and honor her by showing acts of heroism and courage as well as kindness to others like Leah was known for by her classmates.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide in the UK has taken advocacy action today in honor of Leah. According to a statement posted on the page of the IAMLEAH FACEBOOK group:

“It’s Leah’s 15th birthday today, but she won’t be celebrating with her family. For 3 months she’s been held prisoner by Boko Haram. She hasn’t been released because she refuses to convert in exchange for her freedom.

“Join with us by sharing a photo of yourself holding a sign saying #FreeLeah”.

Similar social media advocacy is taking place in Canada and US, Rwanda and Kenya amongst others.

Leah has been in Boko Haram captivity for 84 days now and the Buhari-led government has not explained why she was not returned with her freed Muslim classmates or when she will return.

“If we had more Leahs in this country, Nigeria would be changed. If we had more Leah’s in the world, the world would be a better place.

“May God give us more Leahs in our government and every facet of our national life and may we be inspired to repentance and revival because of this child who touched the world and touched the heart of God,” Emmanuel Ogebe, US-based international Human Rights Lawyer said.


People are encouraged during the next two weeks of May to take the following actions in honor of Leah:

  1. Be strong, resolute and courageous like Leah – stand for principle and don’t compromise

One of her freed Dapchi schoolmates told us “I even begged Leah to accept Islam but she refused and said she can’t live with herself if she converted and came back. So she will not – that it’s better to be killed by Boko Haram.

“There’s one old man from Damaturu who is also a Boko Haram that brings us water. He also asked Leah to convert to Islam but she said “no.” Where by the news reached to their commander that there is one Christian girl that refused to accept Islam so they brought her before him. She repeated the same thing, and he said “we will kill you.”  He showed her one temporary zinc and ordered her to go and sit inside.”

  1. Be funny, playful and have a sense of humor like Leah – make someone’s day and don’t let hardship steal your smile

#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What does Leah like?

Leah’s Father: Leah likes playing and laughing.

  1. Be tough, resilient, gracious and forgiving like Leah – Endure hardship and discipline with equanimity

Interviewer: What do you like most about Leah?

Father: What I like about Leah is that whenever I rebuked her, she would not be provoked, even though sometimes I beat her and discipline her.  Later, if I call her to do something, she will do anything I want. (See more HERE)

  1. Be helpful and caring to others – find someone in need and put them ahead of yourself

Per a schoolmate of hers who escaped, “After our evening prep (study time), we were sitting down about to eat. Suddenly, we heard gunshots. We were trying to get ourselves coordinated when we heard more gunshots, and this time a bullet fell in front of the hostel where we were. The gunshots increased a lot, so we (Christians) decided to hold hands and run away. We knew we would be the target.

“Our teachers saw us running and tried to (reassure us), but the gunshots grew stronger. We continued to run.

“Leah’s hostel is in front of the gate, so we ran that way, calling for her. But she was caring for a sick roommate, Liyatu, and refused to leave her.

“Leah tried to carry Liyatu while we ran toward the fence. But Leah couldn’t run fast and kept falling with Liyatu.

“Liyatu eventually managed to run to the staff quarters. Leah and some of the other students ran towards the gate where, unfortunately, the Boko Haram truck was parked.

“We kept shouting her name, but she was put on the truck.” (See more HERE)

  1. Be a dutiful, self-starter like Leah – take initiative and be a conscientious worker

#IAMLEAH Interviewer:  What do you like the most about your daughter?

Mother: I like Leah’s attitude of helping me.  Leah always wants to do work even before you talk to her, so actually before I wake up from the bed Leah will wash the flats and sweep off the environment. (See more HERE)

See also HERE.


Following a diligent month-long search, we have recovered a previously unseen photograph of Leah

Leah is depicted here (in the middle) during a choreography performance in which she was the lead actress.

Leah Sharibu @ 11

As can be seen in the background, the local community gathered to watch Leah’s performance.

She was known in the community for her extracurricular activities such as the production of this dramatic skit. This photo is from January 11, 2015 when she was just 11 years old.

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