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Dear Biafran Agitators by Onwuasoanya Jones


Biafran Protesters

Anyone who is full born Igbo, Idoma, Ijaw, Ibibio and some of the other tribes around the old Eastern and Mid Western region has a right to being Biafran, and the right to denounce such also holds.
I am a Biafran agitator like and more than most of you who are on the streets burning sweats and breaking bones, but I am not a secessionist. I will not pick offence if you tag me a rebel, for I am a rebel for a reason and I will pursue the course of my positive rebellion to the end.
I am writing this missive to all of us who are still on the streets in protest against the Federal Government of Nigeria to please retreat, so we can restrategize for better results. I am afraid that your efforts and sacrifices, which has led some of you to even give their lives to the struggle is having little impact with the curiously deaf government at the center. They do not care, they do not listen, and our strategies don’t seem to be doing anything towards getting them to open their ears. We must come back home and marshal out better strategies to ensure they listen to us and do the right thing.
I am afraid that these people have infiltrated your ranks and are therefore causing violence in order to blackmail you and have reasons to kill you and put more of you in prison. I can vouch that none of you is involved in the destruction of anything at Onitsha or any other place for that matter, because I like every other reasonable Nigerian is aware of your non-violent ideology. The enemies of this struggle have found their way into your ranks and they are the ones who torched the mosque, they are the ones who set those trucks ablaze.
There are Muslims who are also Biafrans, those who are even more dedicated Biafrans than some of us, hence, there is no reason why any true Biafran agitator will set a sacred place of worship ablaze. That is wrong, it remains wrong and it will always be wrong.
Our enemies are looking for excuses to start killing us again, they want reasons to start destroying our assets scattered across Nigeria. They are jealous of our attainments, they are jealous of the Igbo spirit, which is indomitable. We must not allow them to succeed, we must not give them reasons to retard our progress, we must not give them any reason to kill one Igbo man or woman. We must return home and restrategize. There are better strategies to getting whatever we want, but these protests are not for now, one of them. You have made your points, and the world has taken note. Now is the time to wear our thinking cap, and like we say on the streets of Onitsha, Aba and Owerri, let us use our NUMBER 6.
Ako na uche bu ngwa agha nwa afo Igbo ji aba mba. Wisdom is the forte of every Igbo. I am surer than ever that we shall win this battle, we shall get what is ours in this Nigeria, we shall not continue to suffer in the hands of our traducers, and I want to add this bitter truth, which surely will not resonate with many of you; We are not leaving Nigeria for anybody, we shall get equity for the Igbo nation in a One Nigeria, where justice, equity, fairness and peace reign. The Igbos are not known to be cowards, and I insist that it will amount to an act of cowardice for some weaklings to succeed in pushing us out of a country we built with our blood and brains. Those who do not like the Igbos, those who do not want the Igbos to continue being Nigerians, should secede. Yes, they should be the ones struggling to leave Nigeria for the Igbos. We own this country,and while it is not in the character of the Igbos to make trouble or to cheat anyone, we will not sit by and watch some irresponsible usurpers laugh at us as we leave a country we built taken over by them.
Ndewoo nu, Umunnem.
Abum Nwa afo,

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