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Dear Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Enemies within ~ Micheal Joseph Okon





Fela Kuti of blessed memory had this to sing; “when trouble sleep yanga go wake am wetin e dey find? Palava e dey find”

Basket mouth cracked my ribs the other day describing his ordeal in a bus where a breast feeding mother gave her child biscuits while the child cried; take biscuit, take biscuit, I will give uncle o o o(that’s basket mouth), after that she gave the crying baby Bobo; take bobo, take bobo, I give Uncle o oo, finally she said take breast, take breast I will give to Uncle o o o. At this point Basket mouth became angry; “take biscuit, I will give Uncle o o, you didn’t give me, take Bobo, I will give Uncle o o o, you didn’t give me, now take breast, I will give Uncle o o”. You people in government house should allow hustling people to rest nah.

We have copied and pasted dutifully since 2014, have we complained? The last time I complained about a car I was told to go to the car stand, didn’t I shut up?

I have contested for Chairman, some said I dey too insult, have I not learnt the power of silence and forced humility?

Abeg, I take God beg Unah, no carry your big office rubbish me. Which one bi 50k reward that someone had to invent just to tarnish the office of the Chief of staff and tie the hands of those condemned to copying and pasting for the love of The Completion Agenda.

You have been given appointment even when you did not sweat as much, let me to copy and paste in peace. You have official car or one bought from your mega monthly take home; please let me copy and paste in peace.

Is it the Admin of FRIENDS OF UDOM EMMANUEL (FOUE) ON FACEBOOK since 2014 that should be celebrating 50k globally? What about my members? Let me copy and paste in peace.

I don’t know what you guys are fighting for, but make the fight no come reach village man. I am okay copying and pasting peacefully.


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