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Death Of Alh. Ahmed Gulak: Matters Arising! ~ By Chike Orjiako

The death of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak a Nigerian Politician from Adamawa on his way back to base after he was reported to have come with the Senate Constitutional Review Committee is highly unfortunate and regrettable.

I condemn this death like the death of other innocent young patriots in strong terms.

The death of any human being is not only a reminder of our ever present mortality but also a rude shock that reduces us to nothingness.

A number of issues have arisen following the death of this high profile politician.

First, Alh. Ahmed Gulak was not new to Imo politics. He handled very serious assignment on behalf of his party in the run off to the 2019 general elections where he emerged the Chairman of the APC 2019 controversial Gubernatorial primary elections.

It was obvious that after that exercise, the contending parties had different opinions about his position.

All that are now in the past but his death in the manner he died last sunday morning 30th May 2021 must surely evoke unpleasant reactions.

Here, is the reason the police high command in Owerri should have exercised high level of restraint in dealing with both the investigation and pronouncements regarding his assailants.

To have rushed to the hasty conclusion of announcing they have found and killed the assailants and pinned it down to IPOB & ESN appear quite unprofessional and at worst irresponsible.

That singular pronouncement has invariably destroyed all credible evidence that may emerge later that could be at variance with this hasty pronouncement lacking in rigour and thoroughness of investigation !

It left a bad taste & should be condemned outrightly.

The second and perhaps most painful issue is the position of the leadership of Arewa Consultative Forum, a Pan Northern political outfit led by Chief Audu Ogbe a supposedly respected elder statesman who on different occasions have ran the agricultural ministries of the federal Govt.

It is a known fact that Audu Ogbe is a top 2nd republic politician from a war ravaged Benue enclave where bandits and unknown gunmen have visited mayhem on common and peace loving Benue farmers { the food basket of this nation}.

Chief Audu Ogbe’s condemnation of the killing of Alh. Gulak is expected and normal but going ahead to raise ethnic and regional flag in support of his assertion is both irresponsible and reprehensible.

Here is Chief Audu whose native Benue enclave has suffered untold attack in both property and loss of life in the hands of herdsmen whom his Gov. Ortom has been screaming like a lonely voice in the wilderness advising Northerners to avoid coming to the south east on account of this singular unfortunate death.

All these years Gov. Ortom has been screaming to high heavens, no other politician of high standing from Benue had stood beside or behind him in condemning the killings that have turned into some sports of sorts. We never heard Chief Audu Ogbe raise a voice in condemnation but it appears he suddenly recovered his voice the moment it had to do with southeast, the punching bag of the nation.

He quickly reminded himself of his position of ACF Chairman. He grew balls like everyone does the moment South east is mentioned. What’s happening in the south east particularly in Imo is an unprecedented security challenge but that pales into insignificance when placed side by side with the carnage in Benue, Taraba & all the North East states.

Many Igbo prominent men and women have lost their lives and property in the inferno that’s lasted over a decade now but Ohanaeze Ndigbo never as a result issued threats or profiled a whole region.

To whom much is given, much is expected. Certain things are beyond politics and playing politics with people’s life is most despicable if you ask me.

Those the country has elevated to sit over her affairs at such high levels must learn to live above board.

Rest in peace Alh. Ahmed Gulak and all the persons that lost their lives in this senseless killings.

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