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Deliver Your Polling Units, Receive “Whopping Amount”, Tinubu Tells APC Stakeholders


The national leader of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu has pulled the rug off the feet of the party stakeholder that thronged on him for mobilisation.

Speaking in Lagos on Sunday, Tinubu told his listeners that he will not release any money upfront for mobilisation anymore, rather, each and every one must deliver his/her polling booth.

Thereafter, he will reward the person with “a whooping amount”, Tinubu had said.

In his words: “After I see the result that’s when I’d release a whooping amount for you all oo”.

Read below Tinubu’s full speech which was made in Yoruba language but was translated in English by our correspondent:

When  Demola , Seriki, Obanikoro and Aare

When I and  Oluremi took a photo of really hyped valentine that’s when they placed this cap on my head

I asked, that this man Mr valentine is  Italian and dead

They said love doesn’t finish on earth

Today is the day of love

Today is for women

That’s how I was compelled to war the cap

I wore the cap because of you women

The cap also matches that of the children of our mothers , the Okoros

Igbo kwenu, Igbo kwenu, Igbo kwenu, kwezenu oo

So we kill two birds with a stone

So let’s make this snappy because oh have  been here for long

And I’m going for another meeting before heading to Abuja

For those of you that said you’re going for body  of mobilisation

It’s mobilisation we are doing here

Don’t you understand

That’s the reason. We are here for mobilisation

Definitely if you know the house of your neighbour,  our member in your neighbourhood 

You would be able to call them out.

I ask, if you a registered member , go out and vote

Vote to the brim

After I see the result that’s when I’d release a whooping amount for you all oo

How we’ve always done it

They now hover around me  like ant covering sugar

Hit me like a big bus (molue and danfo)

Mobilisation, mobilisation like they aren’t in the same neighbourhood

You if the sole of your shoes have worn out terribly and you deliver votes

I guarantee you that the money i would give to you would mean a lot to you

“There is none”, “there is none” would not be our portion

I was insulted when I misspoke.

(He spoke in parables in a dialect I don’t understand)

The same mouth I used to misspeak terribly paid off in Osun

When they said  we should produce candidates, they claimed ’s it’s from Lagos

They brought Aregbesola, brought oyetola, all the same

If we train your children and they are smart and have the experience needed form the job

Shouldn’t we allow them return home to make their hometown better

How much is your money that I want to siphon

You don’t have my kind of money

Their king was on seat , I said you don’t have my money except I want to use the denomination of your money as change

Unknown to me they were recording it, that’s how  it came out on video

And I will still always open my mouth to talk

For me not to repeat such

But Buhari doesn’t have the money I want to steal and he doesn’t have the money I want to collect from him,  he also doesn’t have the money for our votes in Lagos

So whatever I promise you it’s for real and it’s coming from my personal pocket

It’s not [like] I go to Alausa before I can get money to give you 

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