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Democracy Day Should More Than Empty Ritual —Hon. Zacharias

President and Founder, David Zacharias Foundation, Hon. David Idris Zacharias has said that Democracy Day must be more than an empty ritual which must add up to more than another reason to have another holiday.

The industrialist and philanthropist who who also aspire to represent the people of Idah Federal Constituency in Kogi State spoke through a statement he personally signed and made available to journalists in Lokoja, saying that “We, as a people, choose democracy as our preferred form of governance not because it would be easy to achieve or to hold even once we have it.”

Adding in his congratulatory message to the people of Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole, he said: “We choose democracy because history has taught us that the welfare of the people is best and perhaps only secured by government responsive and accountable to the people. This can only be democracy.”

“Many Nigerians have fought and sacrificed to enshrine democracy as our way of governance. We mark this day in honour of these people, many of whom laboured in obscurity and without proper thanks, to achieve this precious thing for the nation.

“We mark this day to keep in remembrance that we must not take this good form of government for granted. We must keep and nurture it, not for democracy’s sake, but for our own sake.

“We must remember that should we fall asleep, there are those who would like nothing better than to take our democracy from us.

“I congratulate Idah Federal constituency on this day. I congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Yahaya Bello and urge them and their administration to continue to do all it can to protect and improve our democratic way of life in kogi State and Nigeria”, he added.

Professionally, Hon. David Zacharia is into properties and real estate management/development, both in Nigeria and the United Arab Emirate. He is the MD/CEO, Eden Multibiz Project Ltd., an Africa proprietary firm. He is also a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Maina Court Facility Management Services Ltd.

David Idris Zacharias is the President and Founder of David Zacharias Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization that is out to salvage the deplorable living conditions of the socially and economically disadvantaged in society.

The David Zacharias Foundation is currently training 60 orphans in private primary schools in Ejule, his hometown, and is presently sponsoring over 100 students in Community Secondary School, Ejule.

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