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Democracy In Scathing Times ~ By Aduwo Ayodele

What comes following every election are ripples of politics. At the end of Polls, a major people become conformed out of relevance. The outcome of the Polls place them in undesired positions. They turn overlapped within the circumstance of not achieving, expenses not forgone, irredeemable times and promising efforts.

Ungainly the Poll is not favourable and the total victory against. The political party flagged of furl into an encase of disappearance. For democracy, it is an act of gambling and irreverence. The 1999’s Constitution accommodates respite attitudes of political parties hiding and appearing and hiding.

It should be a leading lesson that by means governance and democracy needs redress. Two parties structure is synonymous to thieves of the cross – living major moments thieving and wanting to die in the mercy of the people.

To every Nigerian, consciously or unconsciously, there is a or more than, lesson(s) to hurdle. And  dutiful role to take for every impending deed to happen, positive or fateful.

There is no blessed assurance. The fate is ours. The solution saviour and menace are a Siamese twin. The much desire to separate is equal to beginning the end. The Government host the doom and accordingly it is shared. The lessons in scathing times are millions :

“Morning tide assembly starts by 8:00am. Ogar Jombo was a Civil Defence Officer with two rank stars. Late for work and late to drop his two kids in school he ran into a morning traffic. It was a freezing time, impatience made him did a U-turn at a wrong point, just so he was seen by some standing Police Officers.

“He admitted his guilt, took enough apology, his wife and two kids rendered theirs but the Police Officers insisted cracking Mr Ogar down – heavy like crate blows, kicks and beatings was unleashed until to a stupor.

“Passerby’s cautions, comments and apologies was shrugged until satisfied the man was died. The topping was volumed knowing to confine the dead and be dumped somewhere. Ogar Jombo died in the presence of his wife and two kids”.

The time is now when to trust even the interior ally a proved worth has to be before jerking actions. To then trust the Cop officer standing across the next road is as entrusting a child in the hand of a mad.

“At office area, along IITA road, there are evening tide Police Officers from Ojo division and IITA division, who don’t give up maiming the aim of security trust by cherishing and extorting #50 currency note to a peace on road and tranquility in duty as democratic code of conduct”.

It is not all time the bad leaders but good people exploring bad lifestyle. Hell-bent.

Everyone has a life to live. Generally that’s what everyone agree and the Constitution stipulates individual’s right to life. For this times, Nigeria’s democratic age has served us a lesson that no matter the wrong of a child; for being slob or defiant; a measure of two strokes on the palm is only ethical and scolding further a child after a maximum of ten minutes is healthily unwise.

The family is the bedrock of humanism. The family is like an handbook, when the page cover is out of value – that’s how a child is, once crumble all crash. Building morale is an expenditure to be careful about. Avoiding to be wise in all is like hiding in a drain, the consequence won’t be spicy.

It is democracy in scathing times, learning about a nation hoped for and successful ways making it real is an unending determination. Democracy this time is all about Nigeria in a status of her Leaders and People directing concerns and affairs as it pleases.

It is really scathing with time. Just someday we would smell nicer.

Aduwo Ayodele, Ibadan, Nigeria

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