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Democrats Tell US AG To Submit Full Mueller Report Or Face Suit


House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) told Attorney General William Barr to turn over the full Mueller report on President Donald Trump’s alleged involvement with Russia during his election or get ready for court.

Here was Nadler’s exchange with reporters:

Q: Are you willing to negotiate on any middle ground in terms of redactions —

Nadler: No.

Q:- Of the Mueller — you’re not?

Nadler: No. The committee must see everything. Obviously, some material will have to be redacted before it’s released to the public to protect privacy, to protect the various rights. But the committee is entitled and must see all the material.


Democrats aren’t letting Trump play games and delay the Mueller report. The White House’s choice is easy. Either they turn over the full report, or they can head to court, lose, and turn over the report.

By drawing out this drama, the White House is making Trump look bad. The impression is being sent that Trump is trying to hide the report, because it does not exonerate him, and the details will be extremely damaging to the president before his reelection campaign.

House Democrats are coming for this report, and Trump is only making his own life more difficult by trying to hide it, reports PoliticusUSA.

Barr’s redacted version of the report will not be good enough. House Democrats want the entire report with no redactions or edits.

The vote on subpoenas has been taken. Trump can either turn over the report or face dire political consequences.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow pointed out that what Barr and Trump are doing to Mueller’s report is rubbing people associated with the investigation the wrong way and they are starting to speak out.

Maddow said:

What “The Times” is reporting based on what appears to be current government officials and Justice Department sources is that Mueller and his team prepared their own summaries to their findings. Mueller’s team is angry that those summaries were not released to the public by Barr and instead he released his own, which was much nicer to trump. But Mueller is also involved in deciding what can and can’t be released from his report, and his summaries were written in such a way that they definitely can’t be released to the public or to Congress?

That — something just doesn’t add up here. I will say there is one last implication, though, of this reporting from “The times.” When’s the last time over this whole two-year process that you remember seeing reporting that sourced to Mueller’s investigators? Mueller’s investigators say, Mueller’s investigators have told.

When is the last time you saw reporting like that? You haven’t seen reporting like that before. One of the other implications of this reporting tonight is that whatever William Barr is trying to do with Mueller’s report, it appears to be rubbing Robert Mueller and his team the wrong and for the first time in this whole two-year process, they appear to be willing to squawk to make some public noise to make sure their findings are not abused or mischaracterized or submarined. Maybe there will be now a new voice in this whole process from Mueller and his team themselves. They’ve been silent throughout this entire process. Now we’re starting to hear from them.


Mueller’s investigators are not happy with what Trump and Barr are doing and make no mistake about it, they are starting to make their displeasure known. It is clear now that Trump and Barr are spinning the report while not the American people see the real findings. It is a con that is designed to make the Mueller report and the Russia scandal go away, but unfortunately for Trump and Barr, Robert Mueller and his team are not going to let justice slip away and fade quietly into the night.

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