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Dennis Christopher, a hero in need of urgent help

On 15 April 2020, Denis Christopher was coming from his farm, at Zankan village, when he was attacked by armed robbers. It turned out that they were also kidnappers. Zankan is a small farming community in Godogodo chiefdom, Jema’a Local Government, Kaduna state.

The kidnappers had already kidnapped two girls who were travelling from Abuja to Gombe before they caught Denis. He and the girls were kept in the bush with one of the kidnappers having a riffle to watch them, while the rest went on more raids.

Denis Christopher was able to tackle the kidnapper, disarmed him, and escaped with the girls. He did all this single-handedly and headed for the palace. The chief reported the incidence to the police, and sent for the girls families to collect them. These girls’ family travelled down from Gombe State to collect and take them home.

Unknown to Denis, one of the masked kidnappers recognised him. That same night, his family was attacked, his brother was hacked to death while he was left for dead. He was rushed to the General hospital at Kafanchan, Kaduna State. But due to the severity of his injuries, he was transferred to Bingham Teaching Hospital, Jos for advanced surgery.

His family has spent over N300,000 for his care, selling off their valuable properties until they are stone broke. When they could no longer afford the bills, they returned home from Jos and started using local therapy. The result is that gangrene has set in and Denis leg has to be amputated to save his life. He has become bed-ridden, unable to look after himself and his family.

This case is well known at the Police Area command, Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government.

The family of the girls for whom Denis risked his life are also smallholder farmers who have contributed their widows mite to his care. But financial needs are enormous and beyond the reach of this family. Plea for support has been sent to elected representatives and local business people.

The estimated cost for this life-saving surgery is N250,000. His family and friends and response to a radio program has been able to raise N80,000 so far.

We are making this is a call for help for this hero, who risked his life for two girls whom he never knew. This call is

1. To cover the cost of his surgery N250,000
2. Support his rehabilitation to get prostheses , N150,000 and
3. Enable this hard working, brave man to resume some normal life through a vocational training, 150,000

All donations can be sent through
Fantsuam Foundation
UBA Account #2047710607

His primary carer is his elder sister, Mrs Jummai Daniel and she can be reached on 08133766056. Denis lives with her in Jagindi, Godogodo Chiefdom, Kaduna State.

John Dada
Fantsuam Foundation

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