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Did President Buhari really give Hilary Clinton $500m

There is a story floating around the internet since the conclusion of the United States presidential election that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari’s government plunged  $500Million (About N150Billion) into the failed Hillary Clinton electioneering campaign fund.

Those spreading the story claimed that the donation may create a huge misunderstanding between Nigeria and the incoming Donald Trump’s US government.

US election laws do not necessarily frown at political contributions by foreigners (for example, those with green cards can contribute to candidates) but they do forbid election funding by foreign governments.

President Buhari has no $500 million of his personal wealth to donate to Mrs Clinton (Buhari must be a multi billionaire to part with such a hefty amount, but we know that he is no billionaire).

If he donated $500 million, it means that such an amount must have been coughed up by the Nigerian state.

US election laws do not allow such a donation by foreign governments and the Clinton campaign would never have accepted such a donation from a foreign government. 

Nigerians, no matter their levels of education, relish rumor mongering and repeating senseless lies.

I have been stunned to read from folks, whose intellects I have long respected, repeat the lies and conspiracy theories hashed and disseminated by Alt-Right and right wing commanders against Mrs Clinton.

The Right and its racist allies ganged up on this woman with outright lies that were dished out for the consumption of lowly thinking folks within the populace.

The Left left her to her fate by not defending her; it even indirectly repeated the lie that she is disliked by Americans (she outpolled Trump on the popular votes — that alone threw out the idiotic lie that she is less favorably viewed by Americans than Trump).

The Left was more concerned about being politically correct (as if they were afraid of offending right wingers) than defending their presidential candidate.

One right winger after another would write books after books alleging that she did XYZ without attributing a single shred of evidence;

One right wing TalkRadio host after another and Fox News would spread and repeat the lies without anyone from the Left, except about two or three paid Clinton acolytes, debunking the lies.

It got to a point that some liberal leaning, but rating challenged, media began to indirectly ape these conspiracy theories. 

It also got to a point that the FBI wanted to begin an investigation of the Clinton Foundation based on lies, conjectures, and innuendos unleased in ultra-right winger Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, a highly discredited book.

The Clinton Foundation has saved lives and made difficult lives manageable all across the world; it has been vetted and applauded by all individuals and institutions of repute, including those of governments, all across the world.

Its finances and financing are disclosed and have not been found wanting, yet right wingers (and even Trump who has donated massively to it and confessed to never gotten any favors in return for his donations) now target it for destruction with lies after lies.

When Nigerian idiots join the conspiratorial right wingers in saying that the Clintons are corrupt with their Foundation, the question that reasonable people should ask is, “how?”

Such a question is germane because there is not a single evidence that the former president and his family have personally gained (other than the emotional fulfillment from helping others) from their Foundation.

When Nigerian idiots repeat right wing generated lies that Secretary Clinton gave favors to nations or countries whose leaders donated to the Clinton Foundation, please ask them to cite just one instance — don’t accept the type of childish conjectures unleashed by Schweizer in his book and repeated by Trump throughout his campaign stops.

Mrs Clinton committed no crimes in using a private email Server or in deleting her personal emails. She turned over all emails that she had not deleted by the time a request for her emails were made.

Yet, the narrative from the vast right winger conspiracy, which includes Director Comey of the FBI, is that she committed a crime and covered it up — notwithstanding that facts after facts have pointed to the contrary.

So, the politically partisan mischievous mantra that she should be locked up, a baseless utterance fashioned for fearing-featherweight of minds, has become evidence that she is corrupt not just to rednecks of America’s backwoods but also to some Nigerians on these forums who I hitherto frequently extolled their intelligence. 

The election is over and Donald Trump emerged president-elect over Secretary Clinton.

She fought brilliantly and strongly, despite the final outcome of the election.

One obvious fact that no pundit is mentioning is that she was basically all alone in fending off the ferocious avalanche of lies and conspiracy theories visited upon her by a vast right wing conspiratorial team.

With respect to projecting her as corrupt, disliked, and a liar, the Left allowed the Right to have its way with her.

Over time, the propaganda stuck and roused unstable minds in rural America into voting for the flawed and despicable candidacy of Trump.

The conspiracy, especially with Comey’s dragging of the FBI into it, led to her defeat, not the silliness that the owners of America have taken back their country.

If it is ever proved that president Buhari contributed $500 million to her campaign, then every allegation made against her is true.

But I bet that president Buhari made no such contribution in the same confidence that I bet on her character.

For those spreading these lies, their  logic and evidence that president Buhari gave $500 million to the Clinton campaign boils down to this:

  • John Kerry met with Buhari on the eve of Nigerian election in 2014
  • Same John Kerry met with Fulani and their Hausa slave governors not long ago
  • And then Same John Kerry and DNC invited the Fulani idiots masquerading as governors in Washington

Is the above logically sound and fair? Are they aware that the US Secretary of State is barred from political partisan moves by statute?

In other words, Secretary Kerry would not meet Nigerian government or its agents in purely political fashions that would result to Nigeria doling out $500 million to the Clinton campaign for president?

Are they aware that had Kerry done so Congress would be holding hearings on it and asking the FBI to investigate and even prosecute him?

Those of us who have lived here for a reasonable period should be above making ignorant comments about America.

We are also monitoring and studying US government’s unsettling romance with Fulani creeps — an Obama’s softness for radical Islamism which I a agree that Trump may end if he finds it emboldening Islamism — so do not minimize that by injecting irrelevances into it.

Nigerians who lie and repeat lies, especially when misfortune strikes somebody (they fawned over Hillary Clinton until she lost the election) should schedule serious sessions of psychotherapy with their mirrors.   

Nebukadineze Adiele 


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