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Diego Maradona Discovers Another Daughter From 5th Woman


A 23- year brunette named Magali, on Tuesday, joined the ever growing family of Diego Maradona after it was discovered that he might have sired her on the sidelines.

That brings to six — two sons and four daughters — the number of children linked to the Argentina legend by four different women from the sidelines.

The long list of women include his ex-wife Claudia Villafane, and former long-term partner, Veronica Ojeda.

Giannina Maradona, one of the former footballer’s two daughters by Villafane, who was previously married to Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, joked earlier this year after the names of three children said to be his in Cuba were made public: ‘Just three more needed for the team of 11. You can do it!!!’

On Tuesday a 23-year-old brunette called Magali emerged as the latest possible member of Maradona’s ever-growing brood.

Popular Argentinian TV programme Intrusos said she had a young daughter which would make the former Napoli and Barcelona star a grandfather if he is confirmed as her dad.

She reportedly launched legal proceedings in April to try to prove her blood link.

Journalist Adrian Pallares told Intrusos: ‘Her mother didn’t raise her but her adoptive family, who gave her all their love.

‘The time came when she discovered she didn’t belong to that family and that her father could be Diego Armando Maradona.’

Last month Santiago Lara, who comes from the same Argentinian city of La Plata where Maradona now manages top-flight side Gimnasia y Esgrima, made a renewed TV appeal for the Argentine legend to recognise him as his son.

The teenager, whose waitress mum Natalia Garat died aged 23 from lung cancer in 2006 and was raised by her ex-boyfriend Marcelo Lara, spoke for the first time in 2016 of his fight to find out who his real dad is.

He said at the time: ‘I’ve been told my real father is supposedly Diego Maradona. My dad is always going to be Marcelo Lara but what I’ve been told is that my real father is supposedly Diego Maradona.”

Maradona’s lawyer Matias Morla has already said the retired footballer will assume his responsibilities as Santiago’s father if the blood link is confirmed.

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