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Update: Mrs Madueke’s four co-accused revealed, £43,000 seized

UPDATE: The freelance investigative journalist working with the BBC, Sam Piranty, who has been covering the Diezani case and had unveiled the identity of the others who were picked up on Friday has tweeted a correction stating: “Re fast moving story on Oct 5. Melanie Spencer was not arrested. NCA seized cash only. I apologise to her for the inaccuracy”.

Piranty had earlier  unveiled the identity of the others who were picked up last week stating they were Alison-Madueke’s mother, Beatrice Agama; Ugonna Madueke; and a Swiss, Melanie Spencer.

On the identity of the fourth person arrested by the UK National Crime Agency, NCA, Piranty said it it was not certain if it was a former Managing Director of the Petroleum Products Marketing Company, Haruna Momoh.

He tweeted: “Unsure about Haruna Momoh or if it was his doppelganger.”

On Monday, Alison-Madueke had £27,000 seized from her by a Magistrate Court in Westminster.

Diezani and four other people was arrested in London Friday by the United Kingdom National Crimes Agency, for alleged bribery and Money laundering offences.

Elombah.com has learnt that following an application by the National Crime Agency to seize their assets, Westminster Magistrates Court granted the application and £27,000 in sterling, dollars and Nigerian naira was seized from Alison Madueke, £5,000 and $2000 USD was seized by the NCA from Beatrice Agama, while £10,000 was seized from Ghanaian Melanie Spencer, by the NCA.

However, contrary to widespread media reports, the mother of former Nigerian Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke, Mrs Beatrice Agama, was not arrested in the U.K, Elombah.com can confirm.

Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke (pictured) was arrested in the U.K. on suspicion of bribery and money laundering offenses, last Friday, 2nd October, the National Crime Agency’s recently formed International Corruption Unit also arrested four other people across London as part of an investigation into suspected bribery and money laundering offences. 

In another revelation, a UK sun columnist wrote as follows:

£13bn is hard to Hyde by By KELVIN MACKENZIE, Sun Columnist

“MS DIEZANI Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s former oil minister, has just been nicked in London over allegations that £13billion (yes, £13billion) has gone walkabout from her country’s coffers.

“Apparently she was looking at buying a massively expensive apartment at One Hyde Park. With £13bn I’m surprised she didn’t buy the whole of Hyde Park. 

“One thing’s for sure, she can’t be the woman from Nigeria who keeps sending me those emails seeking an advancement on her cousin’s will.”

Mr Mackenzie however failed to disclose the source of his information on the missing £13 billion!

With regards to the 13 billion dollar property allegation, Elombah.com have contacted the sole source of the report, TheSun UK to verify his source. We are still waiting for their response.

diezani maduekeAn administrative officer at Westminster Magistrates’ Court said on Monday the NCA had applied to the court for an order to seize various sums of money in relation to Alison-Madueke and two other women for up to six months.

The administrative officer did not provide any information on the link between the three women.

Contacted by correspondents, the NCA declined any comment on the case. On Friday, it issued a short statement saying its International Corruption Unit had arrested five people in London as part of an inquiry into suspected bribery and money laundering offences.

The NCA did not name those arrested but said all five had been released on conditional police bail, pending further investigations in Britain and overseas. It said the investigation had started in 2013.

 More updates soon

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