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Dino Melaye’s hilarious video – ‘truth no de carry last

Br….you guys leave this young man alone. am surprised you are falling for the blackmail of power players in the system.

if senate didnt start shouting about what customs wanted to do, by now you would have customs in your house demanding papers for your wedding ring. If the senator and his colleagues didnt fight back on behalf of the nigerian people, there would be no black mail of him not having a certificate and many cars. lets understand the ways of oppressors. the reality right now is that our democracy dies when there are no more dissenting voices. this is a pernicious onset of dictatorship using the very instruments of free speech as weapons of repression.

they want to silence free speech. today its Dino. tommorow it will be you.all of us have to be careful sharing deliberate blackmail against other nigerians with the intent of silencing them. And

the media has to be careful at this time.

== Senator Dino Melaye

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