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Discussing Possible Release Of Prisoners Due To Coronavirus

Please remember that 80% of the people in Nigerian prisons have not been convicted. They are in prison just because somebody made an allegation that has not been proven, and 90% of the time such allegations are never proven because they were deliberate false allegations.

Overwhelming majority of people in Nigerian prisons are innocent people who ended up in prison because of police corruption that is aided by a dysfunctional judicial system.

Therefore, when you call for the release of prisoners, let it be known that you are first and foremost demanding for the release of innocent people that are being held in prison wrongly.

Apart from the innocent people who were never convicted, one must also bear in mind that our criminal justice system is riddled with corruption and judicial ineptitude.

When one adds the fact of the absence of judicial independence, you will easily come to the conclusion that over 80% of all convictions in Nigeria were obtained wrongly.

The call for the release of prisoners is therefore a call for the Nigerian state to use the occasion of Civid-19 pandemic to correct a major wrong done in this country over the years. All Nigerians must join in the demand for the release of prisoners.

By the Due Process Advocates (DPA)

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