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Distinguished Senator Danjuma Tella Laah: The Diadromous

By Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi

The Conductor of every bus will always make this Clarion call: Kasuwa! Kasuwa!! Kasuwa!!! in the early morning, but very unfortunate, only those with change will be selected to enter the commercial bus.

The Holy Bible Has this to say: “Many were call but few are chosen”; this is the under-current of our so-called Senator.

The commercial bus was made available 2019 to pick only the most charming and generous candidate, whose regalia captured the nuances of our multi-lingual zone but my people made the fallible mistake of giving a block vote to a political DIADROMOUS of a so-called sentimental and malignant Senator who has only represented but salt and fresh water which is Kaura and Zango LGA.

I want to publicly say that Senator Danjuma Tellah Laah has unequivocally demonstrated that he is only but of the two LGA of Southern Kaduna and his homecoming have shown that he belongs to only Zango and Kaura.

Distinguished Senator Laah only speak when Fulani militia attacked this only two LGA but whenever Fulani militia attacked Kizachi in Tsam community, this DIADROMOUS will turn a deaf ear to my people’s menace and this is worrisome.

It’s rather unfortunate of him and he has clearly shown his community where his heart-felt interest lies.

This so-called Senator, I chatted him all that happened to my community.

To my greatest surprised, he only responded on his Facebook messenger “so sad” and he never responded again.

But even at that, I gave him enough space to see weather he can respond to the clarion call as our mouth peace and Representatives in the Red Chamber.

This so-called Senator has not shown any sign of empathy, talk less of relief materials.

I want to say this publicly: Senator Laah you are a capital disgrace to Southern Kaduna as a home of unity and oderliness.

We the people of Tsam, particularly the people of Kizachi where the attack took place on 18/3/2021, sincerely pass a vote of no confidence in you and we call the entire people of Southern Kaduna to recall you back home.

Again, My Senator, I want to unequivocally say that you have failed woefully to represent us all and you have become a DIADROMOUS to only your family and the two LGA.

The indices are very clear and the statistics are written boldly on the wall, singing praises to your ears saying ” your a Senator of two LGA : Kaura and Zango.

You corner police secondary school to your village, which supposed to be in the epicenter of Southern Kaduna but you directed it to your village with the Open University to your LGA in  Kgoro.

Even the dream Federal University of Technology that we’re anticipating has been cornered by same DIADROMOUS; Kaura LGA in manchok.

Senator Laah! No third term floor for you and your political career has come to a close because of your sheer hatred for the people of Tsam particularly Kizachi and environs.

Be aware that no amount of money will convince us to sell our vote to you and we will make sure that the hurt communities will join force with us to recall your representation in the red chamber.

Remember that you will be judged on the basis of Mathew 25, which says “when I was naked you didn’t clothe me; when I was hungry you didn’t give me food” and curse will be upon that person.

I, Pastor Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi, once again commiserate with those who lost their loved ones and millions of Naira properties during the course of this menace.

Pastor Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi

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