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Distressing Makurdi/Enugu Expressway: The Shame Of The Nation

By Abu Maigoro


In continuation of a fact finding mission on the state of infrastructure in Nigeria, I carried out a tour to the south eastern part of the country through Jos – Makurdi – Enugu – Onitsha expressway.

The intention is to report the real situation on ground to the general public. This report will focus on Makurdi/Enugu Expressway as a one of the major road that links north and the south.

The road is about 300 kilometres, approximately three hours drive in a normal circumstances but the ugly situation will not warrant speed.

According to some drivers who regularly transport goods and services for over two decades, they lamented that the road have been abandoned for so long that they now described the state of the road as “hell”.

As I witnessed it myself, it is in my estimation the most dangerous road in Nigeria. I have travelled on the major highways but this particular road is in a condition of total neglect. No single attention was given to the road.

And because of the ugliness of the road, potholes and turbulent streams constrain haulage to speed slowly to avoid fatality and complications like; the fear of armed robbers and extortion of money by the security personnel are another major concerns. Also massive traffic of long – heavy duty vehicle cause unnecessary havoc.

From Ninth Mile to Obolo is the worst, you hardly drive for 10 -15 minutes without sighting a broken vehicle. From Obolo to Otukpa have the highest cases of accidents while from Otukpa to Otukpo is little better, the potholes are motorable one can drive for 100km/h without much fear and stress.

Then from Otukpo to Makurdi is just about 100 kilometres is the most deteriorated part of the road. Apart from the poor condition of the road, the cases of perpetual day and night armed robbery is a menace to the motorists.

The Federal Government should come to their aid and look in to this terrible situation and bring urgent response.

Apart from the great danger that impoverishes lives and properties on  daily basis, the economic importance of this road is enormous.

This could be the reason why some drivers are calling on government to fix the road and introduce toll gates so that revenue can be generated for continue maintenance and improvements.

However, when I checked on the government site, I discovered that on Wednesday, May 16 2018, FG have approved reconstruction of 251.7 kilometers road from Ninth Mile through Otukpo to Makurdi.

But as of 6 September, 2018, barely four months, there is no sight of construction anywhere along the expressway.

Written by Abu Maigoro

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