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Do not count Amaechi, Tinubu out yet: They can play their Osibanjo card


amaechi,tinubuPeople have been warned not to forget history because those who do so repeat it. Buhari is warned not to forget his history, especially his most recent one.

This is the history: Amaechi and Tinubu made President Buhari possible. Mr. Amaechi by leading a team of strong PDP Governors and eventually some PDP legislators to join APC guaranteed APC’s victory at the polls.

Mr. Tinubu by leading the entire ACN to join GMB’s struggling CPC and deferring to GMB on presidential nomination assured that GMB would become PMB. PMB with the help of Mr. Amaechi made it possible for PMB to downgrade Tinubu’s status and survive. Now that PMB has also marginalized Mr. Amaechi he has created another alliance of Mr. Amaechi and Mr. Tinubu.

This twin plays dangerous games and do not take hostages. They play to win.

PMB’s interview with BBC’s Hausa Program during which he publicly admitted that the sole basis of his appointments was “TRUST” is the last stroke that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Without saying so directly he has implied that he does not trust Messrs Amaechi and Tinubu. He has also implied that he might include them in his corruption probe. Many Nigerians had wondered how PMB would start probing Nigerians without starting from these gentlemen thought to be in his inner circle.

By this interview he has unsettled the core of his supporters.

They say that survival is the first law of nature. As the Igbo say “nani osisi nuru n’aga egbu ya we kwuru” (only a tree would be told that it had to be cut down and stood by and watched) Since Amaechi and Tinubu are not trees they must be armed and ready. My premonition is that it is time to play the Osibanjo card.

The easiest way to get PMB out of Aso Rock is by the way of impeachment. By telling these gentlemen that they belong to the second level team it will be time for them to rally their many supporters in the legislature. Both have almost unlimited supply of funds. Nigerian legislators are usually for sale by the owner.

PMB’s interview with BBC’s Hausa Program during which

he publicly admitted that the sole basis of his appointments

was “TRUST” is the last stroke that broke the proverbial

camel’s back. Without saying so directly he has implied that

he does not trust Messrs Amaechi and Tinubu

The gentlemen will buy all the votes out there and they would have some left over. With PMB impeached, Mr. Osibanjo would move into the main quarters in Aso Rock and both Tinubu and Amaechi will have corner offices and the under-prepared and ill-advised PMB would move back to the mud house in Daura with his “trusted friends.”

That would be the counter punch or as scientists put it equal and opposite reaction to PMB’s moves.

Can PMB still save his presidency?

Well he can save remnants of it but it will be at such a very high cost that what is left may not be worth it. He must cede his remaining term to Amaechi and Tinubu. PMB must abdicate. He will have to go through the motions in his corruption probe. All appointments from hereon must be sanctified by both men. All projects will be those sanctioned by behind the scenes duo presidents.

The enemies of the duo such as Governor Wilkes of Rivers State must be brought to their feet. If there is still any interest on Tinubu by USA, then USA would be told to look elsewhere. The current northern mafia must be put in their place which is where they were before Amaechi and Tinubu entered into the fray and salvaged dwindling GMB.

There is another possibility. PMB might chose to hand over to both 10 Downing Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This will allow the African Command to set up shop in Abuja with garrisons in Lagos and Enugu. The da facto president would the Officer Commanding. With Nigerian now governed from Washington DC and London, ECOWAS, AU and other African institutions would become the playground for the West.

Africa and Nigeria would be advised to help out with the refugees fleeing Middle East from the anarchies created by the West; Nigerians like Atiku would be turned over to USA along with wife and first son to prosecute; supposed PMB’s empathy with Islamic insurgencies like BH would be wiped out completely.

There will be benefits as a semblance of peace would return, Nigerian projects would be executed using American and British contractors at 300% of what it would cost otherwise, but they will be done (for example check with Iraqis on their reconstruction). The accruing profits will improve USA and UK’s economy.

It will not be an easy choice but this speculator hopes that abdication to Tinubu/Amaechi dual leadership might be better for Nigeria’s pride. They will mess things up as their predecessors did perhaps with more impunity given what they had to go through to get the much sought authority.

May God save Nigeria?

This speculation was written by:

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts

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