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Document reveals Lai Mohammed borrowed N13m for China trip


Lai Mohammed

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s incompetent and loud mouthed Information Minister, seeks cash advance from a parastatal he oversees. see document below

Lai Mohammed borrows for china trip

1) For the Ministry of Information to ask the National Broadcasting Commission for N13m loan, does it mean the NBC’s funds are not domiciled in the Treasury Single Account (TSA) which this goverment has made so much noise about?

Nigerian’s have been made to believe that the TSA has made it impossible for thieving public officials to have easy access to public funds.

If a Minister can instruct an agency under his Ministry to ‘lend’ him as much as N13m, what other under-the-table deals are going on (inspite of TSA) that we don’t know about?

2) What on earth does a Minister need a whooping N13m for? To be spent on a SINGLE trip? N13million for ONE trip that should not cost more than a million Naira at the very high end?

3) So this is how they’ve been frittering away the same funds which they claim is not available? 

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