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Don’t discard 2014 National Confab report – APGA tells Buhari


Jonathan presents 2014 National Confab to Buhari

Photo: Jonathan presents 2014 National Confab to Buhari

The 2014 National Confab report presented to President Buhari by then out-going President Goodluck Jonathan may not be left on the shelf because of President Buhari’s bias.

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, the President’s presentation on this issue is not in the national interest. 

It is rather parochial and serves the interest of a sect in the Northern Oligarchy. The President may not become their spokesman.

 We will recall that the former National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Sir Victor Umeh, among other prominent Nigerians including Chief Ayo Adebanjo, Rtd., Chief Justice Legbo Kutigi, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi,  Iyom Josephine Anenih, Mrs. Okemini-Mba, Richard Akinjide, Chief Mike Ozekhome, Prof. Jerry Gana, Ibrahim Gambari, Major General Ike Nwachukwu, and even the Editorial Board of the well-respected Guardian  Newspaper, NIGERIA in an Editorial September 30, 2015, called on President Buhari to implement the report, as a way forward for NIGERIA.

 At the APGA Think-Tank, Nigeria, It is our opinion that the President should bow to Nationalistic Nigerian sentiments and implement the report. 

 Let chips fall where they may. He will be really surprised.  

The Resolutions of 2014 National Conference ALL AGREE, was a forward looking document for the betterment of our country, Nigeria. 

Hear the President recently: “I advised against the issue of National Conference. 

“You would recall that ASUU was on strike then for almost nine months. 

“The teachers in the tertiary institutions were on strike for more than a year, yet that government had about N9billion to organise that meeting (National Conference) and some (members) were complaining that they hadn’t even been paid. 

“I never liked the priority of that government on that particular issue.

“Because it meant that what the National Assembly could have handled was handed to the Conference, while the more important job of keeping our children in schools was abandoned. 

“That is why I haven’t even bothered to read it or ask for a briefing on it, and I want it to go into the so-called archives.” Vanguard June 4, 2016

Our President should learn to move on. 

Every issue cannot be decided by his sentiment (note the recurrent use of “I”, in the commentary), or those of a parochial set at a particular time. 

For example,  if the President called a National security meeting in Nigeria, we would be of the opinion that the constituents would be allowed to say their piece on the issue at hand, with the President considering the balance of the evidence for, or against.

At the APGA Think-Tank Nigeria, it is our opinion that the preponderance of the opinion will be considered, and implemented. That is democracy.

We deplore comments from Senator Joseph Waku (Benue), regarding discarding the recommendations of the National Conference. 

Senator Waku cannot have it both ways. 

The Senator finds nothing wrong in having 80% of the oil concessions appropriated  by his fellow Nigerian Northerners secondary to their proximity to power after the civil war. 

The same Northern-dominated Government would hate to give autonomy to the Nigerian States or regions where the oil are mined. 

They would rather continue to share dividends from oil mined in the oil-producing states of Nigeria with those states that do not produce oil. 

Or worse, have the oil producing states beg the appropriators for a share. 

Haba, Senator! That is sheer greed. You cannot eat your cake and have it.

We call On President Buhari to forgo his sentiments, and that of other parochial groups including the northern based Re-awakening group, and implement the National conference resolutions. 

President Buhari’s words, “I never liked the priority of that government on that particular issue…,” are the same sentiments Nigerians are echoing on his current policies. 

Yet, he’s carried on, because in his disposition, he thinks Nigeria will be better for it. Hmmmm.

President Jonathan and other National leaders thought the same way, too. 

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Implement the Nigerian National Conference 2014 report. Nigeria will be better for it.

Okwukwe Ibiam

Policy directorate, APGA THINK-TANK 

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