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Don’t Force Biafra On us — Annkio Briggs Warns Biafran activists

I see the word as an activator for all oppressed Ethnic Nationalities to say WE MUST BE FREE in Nigeria. BIAFRA can't be forced on any nationality.
Ms Annkio Briggs

The convener of Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM), Mrs Annkio Briggs has lamented the manner some pro-Biafra activists are practically forcing Biafra down on other nationalities.

In an essay she made available to Elombah.com on Tuesday, August 15.

She said that the word “Biafra” should be seen as an activator for all oppressed ethnic nationalities to say “We must be free in Nigeria!” and not a nationality in the strictest sense of it.

She then recounted her days as a survivor of the Biafra War and said that modern-day agitators should desist from comments and actions capable of snowballing into violence.

 She concluded by saying: “If we want freedom we must let others have freedom,” adding “Freedom is not politics, Freedom is not a favor,  Freedom is a commitment a people owe themselves.”

The essay reads in full:

I recall the Adaka Boro 12 days war. As 12/13 year old, it seem like it started before it began, but l remember the discussion about this Ijaw police man who has declared war on Nigeria.

Then Ojukwu declared Biafra that touched our lives, some most negatively. The killings, suffering etc. I saw the evil of the genocide and pogrom. 

My own personal painful experiences, hunger, starvation etc. My own story of a war l did not declare l too have a book on my view of the war. Because l suffered and endured. 

Nobody who was born after the war that did not experience the war can educate me on Biafra. 

BIAFRA is a word, a name that a white man who drew on a piece of paper and named it Bight of Biafra. 

The coastal states of today’s Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers were the parts of the Nigerian portion of Bight of Biafra, it was formerly changed to Bight of Bonny in 1975 after the war. 

The fixation with the name  Biafra is due to the war. From the colonial rule to the declaration of war against the government of Eastern Nigeria as a result of Col. Ojukwu’s declaration of secession of Eastern Nigeria from the FRN. Personally l associate the word BIAFRA with the ideology of Liberty, Equity and Justice. 

I see the word as an activator for all oppressed Ethnic Nationalities to say WE MUST BE FREE in Nigeria. BIAFRA can’t be forced on any nationality. 

All who desire freedom must be free to express what they want. 

No Ethnic Nationality wants war, and no Ethnic Nationality can tell another nationality what they want, when they want it, or how they want it. 

It is horrifying to watch, hear, see and even receive threats, abuses, blackmail for saying I AM NOT A BIAFRAN. 

No one will escape the forced amalgamation and walk blindly into another amalgamation. The cabal that have kidnapped the  process of government of Nigeria have denied us the platform to dialogue amongst ourselves and decide on what is best for us (the owners of Nigeria). 

We can’t claim freedom and walk into another amalgamation without talking. 

Why are the Ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Delta been forced to accept they are Biafrans, where in the map of Nigeria is Biafra? 

I will post the snapshot of the change of Bight of Biafra to the Bight of Bonny. 

The identification of that area of Nigeria as Bight of Biafra is no longer a reality, it is only historical, as it was changed on the 17-01-1975. 

The research team of NDSDM request that you go to www.lawnigeria.com Bight-of-Bonny Act-1975  to confirm. 

We won’t know if we can work towards establishing our rights to Liberty, Equity and Justice but First we must sit down, discuss and produce a binding document. 

It is unbelievable that Niger Delta people are expected to blindly accept Biafra as the only platform to our freedom. 

We all have the same enemy; we all must respect each other if we want freedom. 

If we want freedom we must let others have freedom.

Freedom is not politics, Freedom is not a favor,  Freedom is a commitment a people owe themselves. 

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