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Donald J. Trump Accepts Defeat, a beautiful November 8, 2016 Night



What a great campaign. I thank you all [addressing his supporters]. I have just called to congratulate Madam President-elect for a hard won race.

I am proud of our great campaign. I thank my team and all our supporters for a great campaign. The campaign was so great. We had some fun and it was so great. This, in spite of my own inexperience as a first time partisan candidate. We are not giving up to make our country stronger. We’ve just started. It is a movement, folks.

Now, we have a president-elect, the Democratic Party flagbearer, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Notwithstanding our anticipation, our dream…; we are putting our country first. So folks, is time to come together and move on.

I will take some rest. Spend time with my family. After which I intend to work with my running mate, Governor Mike Pence. We have to do some healing within our own Republican Party family.

As Americans, we offer our goodwill and support to Madam President-elect. We will work with her to bring our country together to focus on the needs of the American people. America is a great country. We are Americans. We respect the legitimacy of our electoral process. The campaign is over and the election done.

I call on all of you, my supporters to join me and my running mate, as we work with the incoming president. As Americans, we have to abide by the outcome of the electoral process. Do our duties in a climate of rule of law.

I thank my marvelous wife. She’s fantastic and wonderful. My children did a great job throughout the campaign. So great. I am so proud of them…

[Donald Trump, if he loses, but generous – unofficial draft by Goodluck Diigbo].



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