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Don’t Drag Ohaneze Ndigbo Into Partisan Politics

Press Statement

The attention of Ohaneze Youth Council has been drawn to a ridiculous statement credited to the Secretary General of Ohaneze Ndigbo (the parent body of Ohaneze Youth Council). In the said statement, Mr Uche Okwukwu said “a greater number of states in Igbo land would be won by the All Progressives Congress before the 2023 general election”. This bogus and childish remarks were made during a congratulatory message to the new Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, on his convoluted victory at the Supreme Court. OYC as a body considers such statement as irresponsible and do not in anyway reflect the interest of Umu Igbo.

Ohaneze Youth Council is one indivisible and independent body led by Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka and in no capacity does Mr Uche Okwukwu represent or speak for entire Igbo nation. In 1997, Ime Obi which is the supreme body for decision making in Igbo land erected the youth wing of OYC which Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka presently occupies. Mr Uche didn’t consult Ohaneze Youth Council despite knowing the youths are strategic to the well-being of any nation. We won’t take further mortgaging of our future.

For clarity and posterity sake, Ohaneze Youth Council desire to use this veritable medium to warn Uche Okwukwu not to drag Ohaneze Ndigbo into any dirty partisan politics. The era when political manipulators take undue advantage of Umu Igbo is far gone. No Igbo enclave will pitch tent with any political party but will only accept and work with any party that will solely articulate and address the myriad of problems stagnating the economic wellbeing of Ndi Igbo.

After all, the 8 years of senator Rochas Okorocha as the Governor of Imo State was a massive failure. Till date, we are yet to recover from the political mishap in the State. OYC is more interested in having credible and responsive leaders irrespective of the party they will come from. Political party affiliation means nothing to us.

Ohaneze Youth Council wish to make it bold to all and sundry that any political party that won’t adopt her seven points agenda won’t see the light of the day in Igbo land. Concomitantly, any political leader from Igbo extraction that attempts to sabotage or continue to lick the anus of the caliphate surrogates at the expense of Ndi Igbo will be considered a saboteur. OYC is readily gearing up to wipe out every puppet political leader through all democratic means.

The APC led government in Nigeria has only brought untold hardship and death to Igbo land. Over 200 innocent Igbo youths were massacred in Afaraukwu in Abia State during the infamous Operation Python Dance while thousands of Bokoharam members that decimated, killed and displaced millions of Nigerians are being pampered and compensated for the carnage they have committed and keep committing in the country. The present APC government in Nigeria is shamefully enmeshed in selective justice, marginalisation, tribalism and all manner of despicable acts.

However, OYC wish to warn other groups who might be jostling in their closet to desist from dragging Ndi Igbo into any form of political party affairs business. Such primordial discourse shouldn’t be our central focus for now. There are a lot of pressing issues that deserve more attention than the parochial remarks made by the General secretary of Ohaneze Ndigbo. Mr Okwukwu sounded very selfish and unfatherly in his remarks.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika
National Publicity Secretary Of Ohaneze Youth Council

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