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Don’t Pitch The Yorubas Against Ndigbo, MASSOB tells YYF


The Movement for the Actualization for the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB has condemned in strong terms the threat issued by one Adeyinka Grandson who threatened the Igbo residents to leave Lagos or they will be massacred.

Uchenna Madu, the leader of MASSOB said they are shocked to receive such threat from the Yoruba brothers considering the long standing relationship the two ethnic group have built over years.

He said, “The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) have condemned the unwarranted and insensitive video clip that is trending on social media by Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF) led one Adeyinka Grandson threatening that Ndigbo must leave Lagos and entire Yoruba land before Sunday midnight, which failing to adhere to their ultimatum, Ndigbo will be massacred in Yoruba land.”

“MASSOB as a peaceful and non violence organization have worked and is still working in alliance with Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and other notable Yoruba self determination and pressure groups for the betterment of our respective regions is shocked to receive such red signal from our Oduduwa brothers.”

“It is eloquently known that Ndigbo and Yorubas have lived, interacted and socialized in harmony with with the Yorubas. MASSOB stands for the self determination emancipation for all regions of Nigeria. Igbo political leaders are in alliance with their counterpart in Yoruba land clamouring for true federalism and restructuring of Nigeria. Ndigbo have contributed about sixty five percent of economical developments of Yoruba land. MASSOB advised the Young Yorubas for Freedom (YYF) and their collaborators to stop fanning the fan of discord and calumny among the southern brothers.”

“Ndigbo have never declared any aggression against the Yorubas or any other indigenous tribe in Nigeria. Ndigbo did not attack or destroy any government or private properties in Lagos. It is evidently known that armless aggrieved Nigerian youths expressing their in comfortability against the Nigeria’s worst administration were massacre by Nigeria soldiers which resulted to burning of government and private properties in Lagos.”

“MASSOB warned the perpetrators of the falsehood that is capable of pitching Ndigbo and Yorubas into unpleasant aggression to stop it. Southwest, Southeast, South south and Middle Beltans regions have formed a greater alliance that will emancipate them from their political subjections in Nigeria. We shall never allow the fulanis to create divisions among us again.”

“MASSOB disclosed that some parasitic Northern elements are no longer comfortable with the Southern and Middle Beltans alliance for political survival of their respective regions. These enemies of the South are seriously engaging in every efforts that will jeopardize the growing and practical brotherhood the people of Southern regions have built.”

“MASSOB advised the leaders Afenifere, YOLICOM and other notable groups and individuals of Yoruba extraction to call the Young Yoruba for Freedom to order now.
YFF and their sponsors should avoid heating up the tensions that is already ravaging the economy of the Southern regions.”

“MASSOB also warns the hoodlums in disguise of Nigeria Youths protesters to stop looting, maiming, burning and destroying the public and private properties of our people. We warned that destruction of government properties shall stop now. No Igbo youths in disguise of whatever name should allow himself to be used in destroying the properties of the governments in Igbo land.”

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